She’s Got a Column Cooking

There were letters scattered across the screen of the library computer: AAAXREWAPOOUBBBBBBBJJ.

My 4-year-old couldn’t have been prouder. “I wrote my column,” she told me.


Lest you think she isn’t paying attention on Sunday afternoons when I sit in my small home office pounding out a missive to get it in to my editor in time, here is my proof.

She has a column bouncing around in that there brain, and if I’d just stop stealing all her ideas, she might it out.

In fact, if her repeated attempts to mash out her thoughts on the keys of the computer at the Jeff library (yes, it was the kid’s computer and no, I didn’t have to pay for a new one – it survived) are any indication, she has a lot to say.

Hence the repeated requests for Erin and I to raise our Mom butts off the floor despite our aging Mom backs and read her prose to the world.

There were a lot of Js. A favoritism for the B key was apparent. And I learned that I need to teach my child that the caps lock key means you’re shouting.

But all in all, this column writing mama has to give it to her. She’s got a future . . . in something.
Yes, that’s me getting ferklempt. I could almost see the New York Press Association award hanging on her wall – right beside her mother’s.

Don’t worry, it passed quickly. I don’t do helicopter parent well – all that whirring around makes my arms ache; I’m better suited to using them to type.

Alas, the Democrat’s smallest reporter has other plans for her future.

Slated for kindergarten next year (condolence cards freely accepted), she is still adamant that she will be a “classroom teacher” when she grows up.

And a librarian.

But a “classroom” teacher first (the distinction between that a regular teacher is not yet apparent – although I’m open to any explanation from the teachers out there) and foremost. At least she’ll have summer’s off to spend with her dear old Mom and Dad, right?

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