How Can You Say No?

His perspective was that of a West Coaster and a city boy at that. Sullivan County, he told me, is a place where there can be a fundraiser every weekend and people just keep on giving.

It’s like no place he’d ever experienced.

He’s right. We may not be rich, but we take care of our own. And this Saturday morning at 11 a.m;. in Liberty, a bunch of us will once again be shaving our heads for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

New to the game? St. Baldrick’s works to eradicate children’s cancer. And while we’re taking off our hair, we’re asking folks to take out their wallets, to send us a check or visit, search for our names and lay down a donation.

This year as in several past years, the entire effort will have Fay Cerullo of Liberty to thank for the festivities at the firehouse. A mother of a childhood cancer survivor and cancer survivor herself, the school teacher hires out the firehall, makes the phone calls and gets us all together.

But she – and we – can’t do it without Sullivan County’s help.

Even in a tough economy.

Even though you’ve been hit every which way with requests. Here we are again. Hats in hand. We’re counting on you. And somehow, we know you’ll come through.

It may not be much. I’m still some $595 short of my fundraising goal for the year myself. But we know in our bones it will be something.

Because just as we’ve become connected to the cause, so have you. You care about kids. You care about community.

You care.

But even after being born and raised here, coming back here to raise a family, considering myself a part of the fabric of Sullivan County, I don’t know how you’ll do it.

I’m one of you, but I am as mystified as that West Coaster, that city boy.

But even if I don’t make my goal, I’ll stand bald head next to bald head with a community full of proud folks who made it happen, who showed the rest of the world how it’s done.

Donate to St. Baldrick’s here.

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