Post Office Cutting Hours? Try Cutting Us Off the Map

You never realize – at least not until you work at home – what happens when the post office doesn’t think you exist.
It’s just one sector of the government; how bad could it be?
Try to get a credit card in a post 9/11 world.
Try to have an electronic device delivered to your house.
Try to get your car insurance bill.
I love my house on its little road with its little yard. But make no mistake, I’m living in the postal version of the Bermuda Triangle.
And much like the triangle, it seems many people think I don’t exist.
They don’t want to give me a credit card because I tell them they must mail the bills to a P.O. Box.
They don’t want to deliver a package because the post office computers – which both UPS and FedEx take advantage of – fail to include my little corner of the world.
Homeland Security’s behind the push toward pinning down people’s exact addresses, but last I checked it’s run by the same folks who are responsible for contracting out the post office gigs.
It would be nice if the two met in the middle for a little chat.
If you live in half the towns in Sullivan County, you know what I’m talking about. Your 911 address is all well and good, but it won’t get you your car insurance bill.
They want to send it to the garaging address. And a car can’t be garaged at the post office, can it?
Now Washington is mumbling once again about cutting back delivery service to homes and businesses to a five-day rotation. It will cut costs they say – not to mention potentially driving more people to rent P.O. boxes to offset the building costs.
Sounds like the rest of America is going to learn to live Sullivan County style.

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  1. I feel a little of your pain!!! I live in northern Dutchess, and one house to the north would put me in a different hamlet, different zip. Unfortunately, google maps, GPS, all of that sort of thing lists the wrong zip. (Including the census.) If you already know my address, everything's good. If you look me up, it gets returned to you. Count me in as over it!!!A lot of houses (actually in the hamlet where we DON'T live) don't have home delivery, but people list their PO Box with their home address under it. Does that work?

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