Yo Gabba Gabba’s Got a Party in MY City

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve paged through the Democrat recently. Which means the chances are pretty darn good that you’ve got the whole Bethel Woods events list memorized.

Or at least you’ve pulled together your wish list. I’m going to be honest.

I don’t care about Ringo or Crosby, Stills Nash and Young despite both a propensity for classic rock and the latter’s incredible performance a few years back right here in Bethel.

I’m not even going gaga for the return of Dave Matthews with the rest of my generation.

I have my eyes set on August and a band that’s not so much a group of collaborating musicians as they are the land of misfit toys come to life.

I’m talking Yo Gabba Gabba.

Word has it they’re bringing a Party to our City.

And if you haven’t spent time with anyone under the age of 6 in the last year or so, you’re already confused.

Confession: the first time I saw this show for tots with a guy jumping around too enthusiastically in a tight orange jumpsuit and a giant furry hat, I was diving for the remote.

But then the musical acts showed up.

If you’ve never heard of the Aquabats or the Ting Tings please tell me you’ve at least heard of Jack Black and Anthony Bourdain?

In the mold of Sesame Street before it, Yo Gabba Gabba – or YGG as those crazy kids (aka the moms) are calling it these days – plays nice with big guests to make the parents put down the remote.

And then they throw in the sort of antics that make you wonder if someone was perhaps maybe, possibly? in the midst of a major cold/sinus thing and taking too much Nyquil when they created it.

OK, now I’m intriguing you, right?

But that’s not why I’m excited.

OK, maybe a little bit.

But here’s the icing on the proverbial cake: for the first time since Bethel Woods opened, I get to bring my daughter along to enjoy the experience.

Between this weekend’s planned fireworks and family event during the New York Philharmonic and the late in the season YGG show, they’re slowly moving beyond the niche crowd of boomers, boomers everywhere.

I’m not bitter – they had to start somewhere. But I can’t hide an excitement borne of the perfect timing.

At 5 my daughter is old enough for big moments; in its fifth year the arts center is old enough to become a family tradition.

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Image via Yo Gabba Gabba

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  1. So sad my kids aren't into YGG. Part of the fun of parenting is experiencing the concert experience through your child's eyes. We took Isabel to the Wiggles when she was just 3 and she freaked. We took her to The Jonas Brothers (also at BethelWoods) a couple summers ago and freaked is not even the word. I couldn't care less if I ever see another singer I like but I'd give my right leg if the Transformers would come to our city. LOL!

  2. We are headed to the Yo Gabba Gabba show w/the boyz and so excited to be going to such a great family thing so close!

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