GIVEAWAY: Fisher-Price Doodle Bear (Ends 5/26)

Fisher-Price Doodle Bear

Most of the time, I hate stuffed animals. There. I said it. I’m like the person who bypasses cute little bunnies and steals lollipops from babies, but I hate those suckers.

OK, MOST of those suckers. Because the thing is, with an almost 6-year-old in the house, I am inundated with those fluffy little things that you can’t wash. Really. Surface wash only? Manufacturers, are you nuts? This is for a CHILD. And I can’t WASH the thing?

Rant done. Kind of. Because I have some good news and SOME BETTER NEWS.

Fisher-Price has come up with a new kind of stuffed animal that is made to go in the washing machine. Excuse me for a moment:

OK, now that that’s over. The better news — for you anyway — is that the company sent me one of these bad boys to test out. AND they’re going to send one to a reader of Inside Out foh’ freeeeeeeeeeee.

Yeah man! Now the detes — called the Fisher-Price Doodle Bear, it looks a bit like a Care Bear to me (although you didn’t hear that from me, I think that’s trademarked?). Anyhoo, it’s soft and cuddly like a standard stuffie, but the surface is fur-free so the kids can use washable markers (included) all over it to decorate their little friend. And now for the kicker — when they’re done, you just throw it in the wash to clean it off.

I was a bit bummed that the bear — we got the “pink” version named Rose, but there’s a blue one named “Sky” and a purple one named “Violet” too — had as much decoration already on it as she (he? it?) did. I could see this working a tad bit better if it were all white. But the markers do work on the whole bear, and most kids I know love to color outside the lines anyway! And did I mention it’s machine-washable?

The bear retails for $21.99 at Toys R Us, but as I mentioned before, Fisher-Price is giving an Inside Out reader their own. Want in?

Here’s how it works. For an entry, leave a tale of the worst EVER stuffed animal disaster in your house.

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I think that’s it. Oh yeah — make sure I have some way to contact you if you’re the winner. If you’re a blogger and have a contact on your blog, that’ll do so you don’t have to put your email out there for the world to see. But if not, how about a Twitter handle, something, so I can reach out. Or you can check back. The contest will end May 26.

Disclosure: Although Fisher-Price provided me with a bear to facilitate the review, I was not paid for for my comments,, and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. My little girl got this toy that was made of porcine on the fase and the rest was meant to look like a monkey costume. It was a smaller toy and loved it once she wanted to give it a bath but I told her she couldn't do that cause it would "break" her toy, she felt other wise and I found in it shoved in the toilet!! After getting a my husband to use to plunger to get it out we sadly had to toss it in the trash, she was so upset 🙁

  2. My worst EVER recurs EVERYDAY when my lovely dog runs around with any stuffy she can find!

  3. Our dog chewed the ear off of Gabriel's beloved Curious George, you know-the one stuffed animal he takes with him to bed and loves to death. Luckily I posted about it on FB and a friend had an almost identical one that was given to her child that was still in a gift bag in the closet after years and years. So we got a new one free of charge!

  4. The only disaster is that we have as many stuffed animals the Bronx Zoo! My kids all took turns loving them…now is 2 1/2 year old Luke's turn.

  5. Our lab wasn't allowed to come out with us in the yard one day so he snuck up to my son's room and took his bear Cocoa. He brought it downstairs in the kitchen and ripped poor Cocoa's eye off. When we came inside William stopped dead in his tracks and screamed. Cocoa's blind! Griffin you are in trouble!!!!!!

  6. Fan on facebook.

  7. I went to order a Beauty and the Beast Beast plushie, and first the wrong one came in the mail, like it wasn't what the picture advertised, then when I finally sent it back and got a new one, the minute I opened it, it reeked of cigarette smoke! It took about 7 washings to mostly take the smell away, with lemon juice and febreeze, and it still smells faintly of cigarette smoke. I have the Beast plushie on my bed anyway, I just can't inhale deeply around it 🙂

  8. Also, facebook fan 🙂

  9. The worst stuffed animal disaster in my house would have to be my dog distroying my three year old fav. He was devistated. Almost as if he had witnessed a murder!silverroses2 at hotmail dot com

  10. I am following you on twitter and tweeted!/autumnnoelg/status/69483268369686529@autumnnoelgsilverroses2 at hotmail dot com

  11. Our elderly cat decided to poop on one of my daughter's stuffed animals that she left on the floor of her room. Think it was coincidence that the stuffed animal was a dog?

  12. I think my worse story was not exactly a normal one. I used my husbands stuffed dog that he slept with when he was a child to tell him I was pregnant. I then had a miscarriage. Its hard to see the dog without crying.katietamblingson at yahoo dot com

  13. we had a huge (adult size) stuffed bear; one morning my son decided that it had a hole, so he would take all the stuffing out of it and distribute it all over his bedroom.

  14. Fan on Facebook Lisa W.

  15. Teddy got washed in the washer, and after that, his head and arms didn't stay on too well.Thanks for the chance to win!–Lizaejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. well, not a stuffed animal but I had this doll when I was little and I used to drag it around on black top and paint it's nails. I still have it, as I love the thing, but it's a bit beat up from all the "play"laurenlauren51990 at aol dot com

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  18. The worst EVER stuffed animal disaster in my home was my daughter's stuffed horse that was ripped apart by my mom's dog when they came to visit. The horse had hundreds of little styrofoam balls in it that were scattered all over the place! This happened over a year ago and I still find little balls around the house. It drives me crazy, but my daughter loved her horse so my husband went and bought her another one. Now when my mom and her dog come over we hide the horse and any other stuffed animals!!

  19. My husband bought me a stuffed bear for Valentine's Day and I sat it on the couch for a couple minutes while I went and did something else. I came back and the dog has grabbed it and pulled out all the stuffing. I was so sad!navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. When my daughter was very little she had a favorite stuffed dog & our real dog managed to get it out of her room & mangled it to pieces. We were lucky enough to find the same day at Target & replaced it and she never knew the difference.fastkat at gmail dot com

  21. The worst in our house was when our dog tore the favorite stuffed animal to pieces!!hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  22. I follow you on twitter and shared the giveaway –!/HisPrincess886/status/73392803098537985.hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  23. I follow you on fb – emillie rose.hisprincess886(at)yahoo(dot)com

  24. My horror story is that my aussie pup decided that he wanted to play with the loved "hips" the hippo stuffed animal while we were out. He chewed an arm, a leg, and both ears off, before pulling out all the stuffing!

  25. I like on facebook.Brenda S. A.

  26. My son dislikes stuffed animals for some reason. Yet people keep on buying him more, the worst was when someone gave him a monkey & he freaked out. He just kept screaming & crying. tylerpants(at)

  27. I'm a fan on Facebook (Lisa L). tylerpants(at)

  28. both daughters have the same identical toy rabbit. One must have misplaced hers and then they started fighting over the remaining one, but claimed that it was Her'sThank you for hosting this giveawayLouisschnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  29. following you on twitter @left_the_starsI tweeted your giveawayschnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  30. I like your blog on facebook (Louis Here)schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  31. My next door neighbor, can't remember his name, pulled the nose off my Winnie the Pooh. It was never the same, my mom tried to glue it back on but it was all weird. Very sad, and obviously I'm still scarred:)

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  33. My worst disaster? Trying to get rid of some only to have the kids angry and/or in tears. I asked them to pick ten. They ended up keeping 30 each and we still donated 150 more…

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