Giveaway Winner: Fisher-Price Doodle Bear

Well, it’s over. The giveaway for the Doodle Bear, the cool new stuffed animal from Fisher-Price that you can actually, gasp, WASH after your kids color all over it, ended last night. And now for the good news:

Thanks to the Random Integer generator, our winner is Angelica, who shared her worst ever stuffed animal story . . . and it’s a doozy:

The worst EVER stuffed animal disaster in my home was my daughter’s stuffed horse that was ripped apart by my mom’s dog when they came to visit. The horse had hundreds of little styrofoam balls in it that were scattered all over the place! This happened over a year ago and I still find little balls around the house. It drives me crazy, but my daughter loved her horse so my husband went and bought her another one. Now when my mom and her dog come over we hide the horse and any other stuffed animals!!

Here’s hoping they hide the new Doodle Bear too! Not Angelica? Get your own Doodle Bear from Toys R Us, and check out our latest giveaways.

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