I’m a Sucker for a Good Parade

Still playing catch-up on old newspaper columns. Here’s one from Nov. 2010. 

Add this to the reasons to live in Sullivan County: if you’re a parade junkie, you can get a good fix several times a year.

Trust me. I’m club president of parade aficionados anonymous.

I drag my family out in the heat of a June day or the cold of a November night. Like the postal service, there’s nothing that can keep me from my duties.

Somewhere there’s a road cordoned off and lined in cones, waiting to be filled with applause and the lights of a camera flash. The marchers and drivers need me.

There are street ceremonies in bigger areas, sure. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a national tradition, taking up the network programming for hours every year in nearly every home in the states.

But there’s something about knowing half the revelers that turns a parade from procession to personal show.
I don’t need giant balloons and high school marching bands.

I’ll take some every day hero firemen and ambulance corps volunteers any day of the week. They make you feel good about your community the way a marketing blitz on your TV just can’t replicate.

Admit it; I’m not alone.

If you were one of the hundreds who lined the streets of Jeffersonville on Friday night, you weren’t there for the candy. You should still have a jarful left over from Halloween, hidden away from the kids for their own good (and for your late night chocolate fix).

You weren’t even there for Santa, although he showed up, just like magic, jumping from float to firetruck and back again so he could get a glimpse of the kids of Sullivan County several times over as he preps his naughty or nice list for the big night.

You were there to get your fix of the warm, gushy feelings of a hometown parade.

It’s OK. You weren’t alone. You’re never alone in a small town.

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