iPhone, iLove You

I lasted almost two months, but in the end I caved. This weekend I fell in lust and love all at once, overcome with a heady mix of emotions that carried me away the way Calgon always promised . . . and never delivered.

Yes, sports fans, I got an iPhone.

And yes, I absolutely need it AND the “purty” purple paisley case. I sit here staring at it and trying to convince myself each moment as I give it another loving glance. I needed it with a capital N. Really.
How else am I supposed to answer my 5-year-olds questions of “why” on the road without easy access to Google? To check my Facebook without hitting a dozen little buttons just to see a miniature version of the status feed? To function in 2011?

I know, I’m just like you. I told myself I didn’t need one. I live in Sullivan County! I work from home!
Then my laptop died. And I learned what it was like to feel like I’d had my limbs wrested from my body. I craved mobility, e-mail outside the realm of my little office/playroom in the corner of our house. I wanted to connect.

It was about work, and it wasn’t. I needed to be on call, to check my blog posts and keep up with the comments, especially the evil ones that make me want to tear my little bits of recently-shaved but growing hair out of my head.

But truth be told, I needed to be the source of information for a 5-year-old intent on matching her mother’s wits against her teachers’, trying already to build a case for “my teacher is smarter than my Mommy.” I love her teacher, feel blessed with the school lottery and how assignments played out. We got the perfect mix of “intelligent” and “nurturing” with the right sense of “encourages individuality” thrown in. But I can’t let her win.
So I will use my iPhone for work.

But I “needed” it to check “what’s that song” and “how many stomachs does a cow have.”

I may be a sucker, but I’m a sucker with a ton of information at my fingertips on the go.

Image via Yukata Tsutano/Flickr


  1. Everyone caves to something eventually! All in due time…. -glares at NOOK readers online-


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