J. Crew Paints Boy’s Nails Pink & People Actually Cared What I Thought About It

So the pollen count is rising, I sat in my living room listening to the sputtering of my husband trying to remember how the lawnmower starts, and my kid tracked mud through the entire house because “I’ll wash my feet off in the tub” sounded better in her head than “I’ll listen to Mom and wipe my feet at the door.”

In other words? April’s over, and it was a doozy. You may have heard a J. Crew Creative Director named Jenna Lyons did the unthinkable and actually hung out with her own kid and did something fun with him . . . aka painted his toenails pink? The hew and cry made me rant a bit over on The Stir — hey, that’s why they pay me!

But it also made my name pop up all over the interwebs. Squeeee!

Yup, that’s me on Yahoo! News.

And in the Daily News.

And in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Oh, and to top it all off? That was me looking like a doof (although you couldn’t see my zit!) on The Pulse Network with Maggie Rulli:

Not bad for a month’s work, huh? OK, so Ishould have done a bit of dusting on my bookshelves . . . but I said I was busy!

Did you weigh in on the J. Crew toenail kerfuffle somewhere on the web? Where did you come down?

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