The Motherhood Test

Continuing the flow of getting old Inside Outs from the newspaper up on here! Enjoy one from January!

There ought to be a special section in the baby book for the real markers in a parent’s life. First day of kindergarten compares little, I’ve learned, to their first snow day.

Last Friday was the real test of my mettle. And as I’m here to type about it, you may have guessed: it came, we saw it, and we survived.

If you snickered, I apologize. You have never spent an entire day with a 5-year-old who should otherwise be in school but is of the belief that this day is now her day. That I work from home only complicated matters.

“No, you can’t watch any more cartoons.”
“Why nooooot?”

“Because Mommy’s editors will be confused if today’s articles consist of a compilation of quotes from Disney Channel sources, that’s why.”

And on it went.

The dog was placed in time out once, offense as yet still unknown. She stuck some of the dog’s toys in the bathroom with her before shutting the door. I got the message, loud and clear. She’s still not getting to take her dolls into time out in the future.

Also on the agenda? I was referred to by her teacher’s name. Twice. She found it uproarious. I tried to take it in stride. She adores her teacher; it’s a compliment, right? Don’t answer that.

Although the pain to my pride was nothing on the pain in my eye when an ear thermometer ended up in it. Lesson learned. Never underestimate the power of a 5-year-old to take advantage of you being hard at work to play doctor. I need to get that eye in the back of my head cleaned.

Finally, when the power of the snow had lessened, it was time to give in to the needling and wheedling. Yes, yes, yes, you can play in the snow. Don’t let the doorknob hit you and all that. Go with the wind. Enjoy yourself while I sit with my laptop and a hot cocoa in the comfort of our nice warm house, basking in the fruits of that giant check I just paid over to the nice guy from the oil company.

It was a glorious, heavenly thought. For all of two minutes.

And then came the shrieks (delighted, but nonetheless ear-piercing). “Mommy, look at what I can do! Mom, the dog is digging in the snow. Mom, there’s snow in my clubhouse!”

After a day cooped up with a cranky me, I had to hand it to her; she wasn’t sick of me yet. Now that’s something to mark in the baby book.

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  1. Glad you survived it!!!!And did I see on twitter that I'll be meeting you in LA? Yeehah!

  2. Thanks :). And yes, I'll be there! Can't wait to meet you! Jenn has told me good things!

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