The Poor Don’t Deserve Your Expired Cake Mix

For one of the most rewarding acts out there, collecting for charity can get awfully depressing. You’re ignored. You’re brushed off. And then you’re ignored some more.

But I’ll take the cold shoulder any day over a character I’ll call the “Hold, I Gotta Go Clean Out My Closet” Guy.

You know the type. He hears there was a hurricane, and kids need clothes, so he uses it as his grand chance to pull that bag of rags that the cat peed on out of the attic and drop them on your doorstep so he doesn’t have to pay a fee at the landfill.

When there’s a food drive going on, he heads straight for the cupboard. His mission: to find anything that’s expired since the LAST food drive collection, pull it out, and throw it in the bin.

Who cares if there are weevils growing in the flour. He doesn’t have to make a cake with it.

If he sounds awful, you’re absolutely right. He’s a bit of a jerk and then some, treating people in need like they somehow deserve to be dumped on, as though falling on hard times means you’re somehow less than others.

At least the people who brush you off generally have a human reason. They’re busy. Who isn’t? They’re broke. Again, who isn’t?

They’re too ashamed to say “No,” so they say nothing.

It’s tough to take, but I’ll take it all the same because rather than destroying my faith in humanity like the “treat the poor to my trash” guy, there’s hope for them yet.

Have you ever experienced this? What’s your worst charity experience?

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