Well Hello Kitty, Nice to Have You Back Where Girls Belong

File this under things that make me feel old. This year marks 35 years since Hello Kitty came to America (37 since the cute cat with the big bow was born in Japan). Yeah. Old. No wonder I can’t remember where I left my keys.

And to drive that little bit home, the kitschy creature we all wanted splashed on our Trapper Keepers (fourth grade flashback!!) is still a hot commodity for the kindergarten set. Which includes my 5 1/2-year-old. Only problem?

Is it me or has the adult market taken over this childhood fave? Perhaps it’s because we grew up with her, and we just can’t let go, but the sudden appearance of Hello Kitty wine and the like, the hipsters are totally cramping the parent’s style.

So I couldn’t help myself. When The Children’s Place contacted this here swag hag and asked if I wanted to take a peek at their new Hello Kitty shop, I said hells to the yeah! All for the sake of parental good, naturally (cough, cough). And, honestly, we’re big Children’s Place shoppers anyway. Their jeans tend to fit my daughter’s teeny weeny waist with the adjustable waistband, and their headbands are the ONLY ones I’ve found that stand up to a rough and tumble tot. For Christmas, we asked for (and received!) gift cards to CP from family members to keep the kid’s closet stocked. So I was pretty comfortable stepping out on this limb anyway.

Here was the deal. They sent me a $25 gift card to the store to cover a Hello Kitty item, plus shipping. Usually companies pick this kind of thing FOR a blogger, so it was the rare chance to take my kid on a site and let her pick. I let her at it. And you know how kids are. She picked about five things. To which I said, yeah, nice try. But even this here grinch couldn’t cut her off at the tutu. So I caved. I kicked in some of my own funds (yeah, yeah, sucker!).

So why am I gushing about this company? Is it because I got some free stuff? Oh, you should know me better than that by now!

Honestly, I was looking at the Hello Kitty line, and I was comfortable giving her free rein to pick her faves. It FIT my daughter’s style; it was appropriate for a 5, almost 6-year-old. That’s the key for me. I see too many little girls running around with words written across the backside (if you’re nodding your head here, please pick up a copy of Celia Rivenbark’s Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Tramp, you’ll be in cranky mom heaven).

But there’s the right sense of funky. The tutu ($19.95) with a soft inner layer covered in Hello Kitty faces was a hit for style (and on comfort note, it won for separating the scratchy tutu material from the skin — tutu makers, take note!). Check it out:

Cuteness, right? I want one for me. Which, erm, is the whole Hello Kitty conundrum, isn’t it? We want Sanrio’s sweetie for US. The kid also had her heart set on the Hello Kitty dance t-shirt way up top. The right amount of 80s style balanced with kid cuteness, I caved. It was $9.95 (they always get me with that 5 cents; I feel like I’m saving when I spend less than $10 — I can’t be the only one). And with a little headbanging hip hop dancer in the house, it fit.

Do you have trouble finding kid-appropriate clothes when the adults take over their cartoon faves? What’s your favorite in the Hello Kitty shop?

Disclosure: I received a $25 gift card from The Children’s Place in order to access items to facilitate this review. I wasn’t paid for this review, and the opinions expressed are my own.

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