What WILL The Future Think of All Those iPod/iPhone Photos

More catch up on Inside Outs from the paper! Enjoy another one from February.

America has a lot to be thankful for. Sliced bread. The polio vaccine. Lady Gaga.

I’m grateful. Really. I am. I don’t have to use my bread knife to make the 5-year-old’s lunch every night. Time saved = time for two more pages of the bedtime story. It’s a miracle of modern parenting.

But I’d give it all back if you told me tomorrow you’d take away the camera in my gadgets. Oh technology, you’ve ruined me for all photo-free handheld items from here on out.

How could we again live in a world where we couldn’t catch the ridiculousness of cart wars in the grocery store?

Without the ability to follow it up with video of one of those cart war participants now trying to actually climb out of said cart? All from one slim little box which also plays music, pulls in your e-mail and connects you to the web?

What did we do before the cell phone with camera, iPod with camera, camera with everything else? Let these moments of child making the cutest face ever pass by without a grainy pixelated image to show for them?

It’s true. The resulting photos are a blurry mess. No photographer worth their salt would put their name to them. But they’re somehow addicting.

Hey world, look, picking out our Valentines at the store! Now we’re filling out our Valentines at the kitchen table! And yes, now here we are at the post office, sending our Valentines out to the world. What?

You didn’t really care to see the minutiae of the whole process? Would have been happy with just receiving one of those little cards in the mail with a kid’s scribble? But we were able to use one little doohickey to capture it all! It had to be useful if I could do it!

This is the story of modern parenting, in which every single snotty, silly and stupid thing our child does is now recorded for posterity.

Heaven help the archaeologists trying to make sense of that blurry camera phone image of your toddler’s first time in a shopping cart in 200 years. At least it will look tame next to Gaga.

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