You’re Never Too Young for Headbanging

There are parents who believe that musical tastes should stay in the Baby Einstein’s Mozart and the nonsense rhymes realm for as long as possible.

In case you wondered, I am not one of those parents. So next time you’re feeling guilty that your kid actually knows the words to a song that WON’T play on Radio Disney, I offer your moment of zen . . .

You’re welcome! What song does your kid know but you don’t share (come on, it’s only the Internet, you can tell meeeeeeeeeeeee).

Image via S.Diddy/Flickr


  1. Her rhythm is really good!!At 2 1/2 Isabel knew all the words to Toby Keith's "You Ain't Much Fun Since I Quit Drinking" and "Who's Your Daddy" and sang them ALL THE TIME thanks to her hillybilly father. šŸ˜‰

  2. DS loves to sing "I kissed a girl and she liked it…" Just what I want him singing in public.

  3. Julianne would rather listen to Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold than most of the Radio Disney stuff anyway. I have a video posted on my FB of her singing Down with the Sickness. :-p I'm proud to have a headbanging 8 year old, actually.

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  5. My twins sing "Over the rainbow", "Puff the magic dragon" and "You are my sunshine" ALL the time and love to perform while singing! LOL

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