Calico Critters Giveaway: Ends 6/8

It’s one of those little bits of wisdom that comes only with years of parenting. The best toys are the ones that your kids are still collecting years after they get the first one. Sure, they love everything the first day they get it. But it’s the stuff they’re still playing with six months, eight months, two years later that is the real gold.

And so it is with Calico Critters in our house. Confession: I was terrified of letting them in at first. They’re TINY. Lots of teeny weeny pieces to lose, right? Bitty bits to step on (think the dreaded LEGO foot). But then I heard they were phthalate-free. And I saw how gosh darn cute they were . . . and well, you know how it happens y’all. Fast forward two years and here we are. Coordinating with Calico Critters to give away a set for Inside Out readers.

My kid’s obsession is your gain! First up, a little disclaimer. In order to know what I’m giving away was something worth giving away, the folks at International Playthings gave me (well, gave my daughter) a sample set of Calico Critters’ Camryn’s Country Boutique to check out the quality. That means I got:

  • Camryn Caramel Cat
  • clothes rack
  • 3 clothes hangers
  • 3 dresses
  • purse
  • full length tilting mirror
  • 3 magazines

Raw details? I still can’t get over how TINY they manage to make this stuff, or the quality they manage to pack into it.  The dresses can be a tad bit hard for the littlest fingers to put on, but that seems to be more an issue of dexterity, less an issue of quality — my daughter is getting better at it. Otherwise, the clothes and other items integrate with her other Calico Critters items (and yup, we’ve got gobs of the stuff . . . in case anyone is looking for an idea of what to buy her for her upcoming birthday . . . hint, hint).

So why am I bothering with this here review? Honestly, because Calico Critters have my love for A. Being wholesome — we’re taking little cats (in this case) not hoochie mama dolls and B. Green (again phthalate free, but also nature-focused). In a day and age when parents are actually buying kids THEIR OWN IPHONES, we NEED more of these toys.

And of course, because the folks at International Playthings are being cool enough to actually SHARE the love! Yeah baby! Tell yo’ kids. Tell yo’ wife. They’re giving away a Calico Critters’ Camryn’s Country Boutique (worth $17.99) to one random Inside Out reader. Want in? Here’s how it works:

The contest ends June 8, when a random winner will be chosen!

Are your kids into Calico Critters? What’s your fave?


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  12. FB fan of both: MJ MooreI LOVE Calico Critters. I knew them as Sylvanian Families way back in the 80's. My brothers and I collected them and set up an entire town built of cardboard boxes and stuff- good times! Now I can't wait for my daughter to enjoy them.butterflyrouge(at)yahoo(dot)com

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