Etiquette Lessons Straight from the ‘Cars 2’ Red Carpet

How many of us wake up for work in the morning thinking “today I will learn the proper way to walk the red carpet?” Anyone? Come on, show of hands? 
Ah, the fabulous life I lead when I’m not sitting on my couch, hunched over my laptop, diet Pepsi bottle to my right, 70 pounds of lap dog to my left. Yes, folks, I actually got out of my house. 
And when this blogger gets out of her house, she GETS OUT OF THE HOUSE. 
No jaunt to Jeffersonville for me. 
No ma’am. I woke up at the crack of dawn, climbed into my daddy’s truck, and hauled my hiney for the airport for my first airplane ride since I was 15. And wouldn’t you know it, I ran into a Sullivan County-ite sharing the first leg of my journey? But that’s another column. 
I was LA-bound. 

Because if something was going to get me away from the comfort of said couch, can of diet Pepsi and canine, it best be good. We’re talking Cars 2 world premiere good (and in the new world of disclosure, the day job was sending me, but the Walt Disney company was paying my way . . . did I mention this was a good trip?). 
Fast forward past two flights, two days of watching movies and wandering around the fabulous world of Disney, albeit in the cold of LA’s June gloom (you know the weather’s having a fit when they have an actual NAME for its little hissy), and there I was. Red carpet time. 
After years of working for The Democrat, I confess I’m used to a bit of red carpet treatment. At Sullivan West graduation, I was treated to a front row seat because, well, I was press, and I HAD to get close to hear and get good pictures, didn’t it? It’s not so much getting special perks as it is the necessity of being where the action is. And truth be told, a lot of times I’m up there alone – the front row is pretty lonely at many a town board meeting. 
But I’m fortunate to have always worked for a paper that garners respect from emergency service crews, politicians and the like because the staff works for it. You don’t get press access if you don’t show people the appropriate respect. And the Democrat has worked hard for that. 
But when I was told “red carpet,” I expected the journalist’s version. You know what I mean. Press is relegated to one section. Respectful press stays in that section. And if we’re really super duper nice, we may get a little something extra. 
But no, there I was. ON the red carpet. 
Foot in high heels touching actual, well, red fabric. 
And there were stars. Emily Mortimer, who plays HolleyShiftwell in the movie! Lemonade Mouth, the new tween sensations. And on and on. And some security guard was cramping my style. He actually expected me to hurry up and get a move on because, ahem, I was just a lady with a camera. 

So here it is. My lesson for the day. When you get on the red carpet, folks, it’s your time to stop and smell the roses. You’re wearing high heels. You wouldn’t want to trip and fall in them in front of the international press, now would you? 

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