Food for Kids Is Not What You Expect

If you go into pregnancy expecting to feed your kids EXACTLY what you eat, well, don’t feel bad. You’re EXACTLY like me. I’m a vegetarian (yeah, freak) married to a meat and potatoes dude (ahem, freakier). And you had better bet we laid some pretty crazy bets on what kinda kid we’d create.

So fast forward almost 6 years (sooooob), and guess who won?

The vegetarian and the meat and potatoes Southerner begat a centrist who seems to eat, dare I say it? Everything? I’m proud, really. I’ll say it. It’s what I always wanted. The kid who wasn’t ultra picky. The kid who wouldn’t listen to her father’s weird (cough, cough) upbringing that seems to have turned him against anything plucked from the ground.

And yet, I’m weirded out at times. AT almost-6, she eats things even I won’t eat. Take the box that baby food company Happy Family sent this blogging household household a few weeks ago. Not a mom to turn down free eats, I opened it up, and happily devoured the amazing thing that is baby cheese doodles, er, Happy Family’ brand HappyMunchies.

Folks, imagine this. Cheez doodles on a diet. Yeah. Organic cheese. With carrots. Baked. Whole grain corn. I was in HEAVEN. And did I mention this can was free?

But there were things in that box even this hungry mama wouldn’t eat y’all. Straight up! Thirty pounds overweight thanks to no willpower and the sit-at-home-on-the-computer-day job, I was all about that Jennifer Aniston baby food diet. Until it came to tasting. But it’s a good thing I have an actual almost 6-year-old to do the taste-tasting. Because I scarfed down those “doodles,” but when it came to those “organic yogurt snacks,” I dare say I gagged. I wanted to like them. They’re organic y’all! And they’re fruit! And yogurt! And this vegetarian loves her fruit . . . and her yogurt.

But when I took a taste, I did, I gagged. They looked just like those little meringue cookies you get at Christmas time, only they tasted like a sour version that made me want to run for the sink, and a giant glass of water. But being a vegetarian in a meat-eating household has taught me something. Let the kid try the Organic Happy Melt Yogurt Snacks. She may just surprise you.

And so I did. Did I mention these were free? What could it hurt? Yeah, you guessed it. Kidlet loved the heck out of those good-for-you snacks, with the organic label (woot), the tons of fruit and calcium:

And I have to admit it. I’m relieved. I don’t NEED her to love what I love. As fellow blogger Brett at Mama Loves Her Bargains and I bonded over recently, I’m not just a vegetarian (she’s not), I’m straight up PICKY. But that doesn’t mean I don’t WANT her to like stuff that’s “good” for her. 

What I’m looking for, in my kid’s food is good, wholesome stuff — organic stuff that is AFFORDABLE instead of extravagant, tastes that satisfy every palate, flavors that challenge (so she doesn’t end up picky like her mama), and the kinds of foods that don’t make me feel like a piece of scum for not taking the time of out my busy full-time job to make her scratch snacks on top of her regular meals.

I’m a regular mom y’all. I’m not made of money. I’m not made of time. I need quick, easy, but I also need something I can have faith on. And yeah, the stuff I got from Happy Baby this time around was a round of freebies, but I’m an Amazon Prime customer, and they’re now on my list. . . so if you’re in this neck of the woods, expect to find Happy Baby foods in the Sager household. You just might get a cheesy carrot doodle at the adult party . . .

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