Winner! Rosie Pope’s Must Have Beach Bag For Kids

The one thing I love about doing giveaways on Inside Out is that I get to send something to someone who actually WANTS it. That’s not always the case when you’re picking gifts. Usually you just go in on a wing and a prayer and hope for the best.

But everyone who enters a giveaway actually digs the product — at least I’m hoping they do? — and when it comes to the cool towel buddy bags from The Children’s Place, they’re in good company. Rosie Pope of the show Pregnant in Heels is a fan. And I’m a fan (obviously — I don’t give away stuff here that I don’t like).

So, you’re wondering who won the bag?

Thanks to, here’s the skinny. 

The lucky winner is number four (which has me thinking of the movie I Am Number four because I’m a dork, but anyhoo). So who is it?

Beret, whose favorite Children’s Place goodie is a Justin Bieber tee for girls — courtesy of her daughter. And I confess I’m giggling, because when I posted this giveaway on Facebook, her exact comment was, “I never win anything.”

She can thank for making her a winner!

Thanks to all who entered. Don’t forget to fan Inside Out Motherhood on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss the next one and um, just keep reading my random ramblings?


  1. Wow, awesome!!

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