Selena Gomez Can Hear You Kid!

Selena Gomez concert
Selena Gomez and the Scene rock out at Bethel Woods

I got one of two responses when I let slip that I was taking my daughter to see Selena Gomez at Bethel Woods. “Who’s that?” most asked of the Disney Channel star. My explanation prompted the same response I got from people already acquainted with her body of work. “Oh, you poor thing. You’re braver than me.”

Brave I may have been. The lawn was a sea of bodies, most of them under 4 foot tall. The lines for shaved ice and kettlecorn were long and winding. And I had my 6-year-old out late for the second night in a row, tempting the “too little sleep” imp to bite me in the rear end. Janet Jackson was for me. Selena Gomez was for her.
But save for the status of my wallet after hitting the memorabilia booth for the t-shirt scoped out by kid and babysitter while I was busy taking photos of the singer for work, poor isn’t the word I’d use.

It was a warm night.

In a beautiful place.

And my 6-year-old clutched my shoulders as I held her high above her two of her best friends and the two teenagers she idolizes. And as she screamed out “I love you Selena,” she turned back to me to tell me “I think she heard me.” She wasn’t kidding.

It more than made up for the ringing in my left ear from the shrieks at a pitch never-before reached by my not-yet-tweenage daughter’s voice. I thought I had six more years. OK, five more years? At least some time before she reached the day when everything made her giggle, and she was professing her love for a celebrity.

But it was her certainty that out of thousands of girls, hers was the voice that her idol had heard that made me hold her just a little bit tighter.

That, right there? That was the innocence of childhood.

And as thousands of little girls stood at Bethel Woods singing along with Selena Gomez as she told them “You’ve got every right to a beautiful life,” I didn’t feel brave. I didn’t feel poor. I didn’t feel like I needed to get a drink to get through. I didn’t want ear plugs.

I felt relieved that I still had a little girl who wanted to climb up into my arms to be held up high enough to see the screens, to yell out to her idol because she just KNEW she could hear her.

I felt lucky to know that I’d just made magic happen. And all I had to do was say “yes, honey, we can go see Selena Gomez” and let her enjoy the ride.

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  1. You just made me tear up. Yes, Selena totally heard her. I'm sure of it too.

  2. She had me hold her up so she could show selena her shirt too :Dsometime before you came i told jill selena could see/hear her, cuz she was in the dumps because she was "too far back to talk to selenaworth it

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