This Deodorant Ad Brought to You by Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene tested our resilience. She tested our patience. But I have to be honest. The big test was the power of my deodorant.

How many days could we go without power – or showers for that matter – and mix with polite company?

The answer, it seems is two.

It started with the adventure that was getting back home on Sunday. Yes, yes, I know there was a state of emergency oh Mr. County Manager, but my child needed her mama, and MY mama had to go to work the next day. Leaving her at her grandparents’ house wasn’t an option. Even with trees across nearly every road we attempted. Note to self: when in doubt, pack a chainsaw, you never know when you’ll have to rip a tree apart by hand with your husband to get it off the road. Also, pack hand sanitizer. Tree sap is especially hard to remove from your hands with rainwater.

And then the real fun began.

No power.

We weren’t alone. I know that.

And we were mighty lucky. Save for some limbs and a dead gazebo, ours was a household left largely unscathed. Ours were what you call First World problems folks.

They gave us the chance to finally introduce our daughter to UNO.

The chance to camp out as a family in the living room (wouldn’t you know it was “wash the sheets” day on Sunday?).

The excuse for me to blow off work on Monday (hard to work online when you have on Internet!) and take my daughter bowling in Callicoon.

The excuse to ignore my Facebook, my blog, and all things that keep me distracted when I could be spending the waning days of summer with my daughter.

And stinky though I might have been, we were really lucky here. My deodorant lasted two whole days.

We’ll never know if it could have gone longer.

That’s how long it took before the electric gods restored the lights in our neck of the woods. The stench emanating from a certain house in Callicoon Center may or may not have driven those NYSEG workers to push onward.

Disclaimer: This is not really an ad. I wasn’t paid. I wasn’t sent a sample. I was just trying not to stink people out of the bowling alley. 

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