Campaign Signs Aren’t Worth Your Vote

Here we go again. Election season. When the yards of the county are littered in signs proudly shouting “Look, I care! I’m involved in the electoral process.”

The signs are nice.

I guess.

But if every yard represented a person who attended actually showed up at a town board meeting to get a look-see at their candidates in action, the average board meeting would look drastically different.

Hey, it’s tough to get to every one. I get it. I’m paid to do it, and there are times where I have to call my editor and admit “I got a beastly sunburn because I was too busy slathering up my kid with the SPF 70 to remember to do myself. I can’t leave my house in the indecent state of dress that my raw shoulders demand. I’m not showing up at that meeting.”

It happens.

Life goes on.

But today marks just about a month until Election Day. There will be board meetings in the next month, dozens of them. It’s time to make time.

Not time for a host of meetings, but for just one, maybe two. Time to make a political decision not based on the prettiest sign in the neighbors’ yard but on the value of a candidate.

My old social studies teachers should be proud, because even today I marvel at the gift we have been given in this country: to play a role in picking our leaders.

And at the local level, I taken on a hokey sort of pride that I am not just casting a vote when I show up at my polling place. I’m making an informed decision.

We don’t have that advantage on a national level. We don’t get to show up at a meeting of Congress.  We can’t sit in on a State Senate session — or at least, very rarely can we make that trip to Albany.

But one night, one town board meeting, is just a few minutes away. Don’t you want to know what that sign stands for?

Image via hjl/Flickr


  1. I vote for the person with the least amount of signs

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