Giveaway: Melissa McCarthy’s Children’s Place Fave! Ends 10/31

Allow me to geek out here for a moment: I watched Gilmore Girls as much for Melissa McCarthy as I did the witty repartee between an impossibly hip young mom and her impossibly precocious teen daughter. Because way before there was fangbangin’ Sookie Stackhouse, there was Sookie St. James, kooky sidekick to the equally quirky Lorelai Gilmore. And Sookie could actually cook.

The world is all suddenly “yay, that funny chick rocks” what with Melissa hosting Saturday Night Live, making Bridesmaids that much funnier, and grabbing Emmy Awards for Mike & Molly. But those of us who have been girl crushing since she made Sookie sound more like a name, less like a nickname for your pacifier (my apologies to any real Sookies out there, but really? You never thought it?) are happy to say “uh huh, told ya so.”

Hey, I’m not hating. I’m happy the comedy queen is finally getting her due. She was the celebrity catch at The Children’s Place a few weeks ago, when they snapped a photo that sums up exactly why she’s girl crushable. Melissa McCarthy doesn’t care what people think of her.

This is the woman who is getting into plus-size design instead of trying to fit some Hollywood body type. She’s not the fat, funny sidekick. She’s the plus-sized hilarious leading lady.

And did I mention she rocks the new knit animal hats from the Children’s Place? I spotted the photo and reached out to the company because it made me laugh (in other words: they’re celebrity catch is TOTALLY eye-catching). She’s a Fashion Institute of Technology alum who planned to get into textiles before deviating into stand-up, so it’s fair to say she’s got an eye for what’s worth modeling. And she also happens to have two little girls — just the right age for CP clothes. This was the rare celebrity I felt like I could trust guiding me on what to get the kiddo.

So I asked the Children’s Place if they’d let me give one away, and they agreed to send one my way to see if it’s as cool as my beloved Sookie thought it was.

The result? Check it out for yourself:

The inner lining is soft, the braided strings long enough to tie off but not so long that they become annoying. And the owl is just plain adorable. My kid has been wearing it all week, even on days when the temperature has hovered in the 50s (proof of its cuteness: how many kids do you know who are willing to OVERdress for the weather).

All that, and they’re just $9.95. I’m sold!

Not crazy about a white hat for a kid? How about a black dog with a pink bow that you’ll spot from anywhere (even hidden under the couch)?:

Want one for your kiddo? Leave a comment with your favorite Gilmore Girls or Mike & Molly reference.

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  2. Rory:He actually likes it when we come for thanksgiving.All these years and we never knew.Lorelai: Hm, he's the grinch, and we're Cindy Lou Who.Rory: So, Cindy Lou, what do we do?in reference to how the grinch stole christmas 😀 You can reach me by banana phone :DMegan!

  3. I've never been able to quote a line from anything in my life, but – I loved this show! I loved the Dragonfly Inn and always imagined I'd own a place like that with a bff or two, I think it would be awesome to have written an episode where all the teens hung out in Mrs. Kim's antique shop, Jackson was my favorite of all the characters (sorry!) and when 'Parenthood' started airing I told my husband it was the show with Lorelai (I had no idea her name was LG at the time…) 😉

  4. Quote my favorite moment? Are you serious?Jackson to Sookie: I think we should get married.Sookie: What?Jackson: I think we should get married.Sookie: But, uh…Jackson: Soon.Sookie: Are you pregnant? And you know I follow you on Twitter, AND now I follow you on FB. Had looked for a Stir fanpage, but didn't know you had this! Yay!

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  6. I have never been able to quote lines but I love Mike and Molly. It is great to see a more realistic television

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  8. Paris: Quit making that face at me!Rory: What face?"Paris:"That 'I'm Rory, don't you want to pet me?' face"Love the hat. I got an amazing crazy monkey hat at Macy's last year that my 10 yo wore to SHREDS. :)Lisa Conant barzi10091-at-aol-dot-com

  9. brand new happy facebook follower :)Lisa Conant barzi10091-at-aol-dot-com

  10. Lorelai: I love my little circus freak.

  11. Molly: And you think your wife is a pitbull? Mike: In my defense pitbulls are nice, its their owners that make them mean. Haha!

  12. Rory: "I still can’t get ‘coming round the mountain’ out of my mind. It’s like one of those phrases, like ‘drop it like it’s hot’ that I really wish I’d never heard."

  13. The Gilmore Girls! I remember Rory explaining a boy she likes as not friendly, necessarily, but friendish. I liked

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  15. Michel: Are you sure it wasn't another Michel? Sookie: You called me! You kept me on the phone for over an hour. I missed the beginning of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy and by the time I got back, they were all gay! sena.sagani [at]gmail[dot]com

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  19. My favorite line is still -Mike: “That’s my readin’ table.”Molly: “Convenient, since it’s right next to your thinkin’ seat.”Sounds just like our house

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  24. my favorite line from Mike and Molly is when Mike and his buddy (can't remember his name) where out bed shopping and where cuddling on the bed to see if the bed felt right. it was so silly.My email is on my blog:Born To Be Styled

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