The Lion King Broke Down My Defenses & Pawed At My Pockets

When it comes to reasons I believe wholeheartedly in the “opposites attract” concept, the way my husband and I each approach money lands somewhere atop the list. He’s a spendthrift. I’m a penny pincher. And last month marked 11 years.

So what does that have to do with the Diamond edition blu-ray version of The Lion King released today by Disney? Nothing. And everything.

I’ve been having a . . . crisis, shall we say. Not of faith, nothing that serious. But when trying to balance my frugal ways with the nostalgia-led parenting style I’ve developed, the movie put me at a crossroads. As I explained in detail at The Stir yesterday, I think these movie re-releases in the theaters are nothing more than a way to torture us parents. For more on that, go read over there.

But then there are all these Blu-Ray movies, and after finally caving on the player to match the fancy dancy widescreen TV that makes football look so much better (see also, married for 11 years), I must admit I’m drawn to them. Drawn like a woman on her period to the biggest chocolate bar the grocery store has to offer.

Enter the conundrum.

Have you seen The Lion King on Blu-Ray? I admit I got it for free (honest blogger here), but it is gaw-jus! Seventeen years after I sat in a theater in my hometown, the Blu-Ray achieved that same majestic hits-you-right-on-the-solar-plexus feeling. You’re not watching Simba bound across the Pridelands. You’re on the Savannah with him. When Mufasa dies, you feel like you could reach out and sink your fingers into Simba’s fur to comfort him, wetting his fur with your tears.

We had an old DVD version of The Lion King on our shelves already because this was one of those classics that I so loved years ago that I had to share it with my daughter. I remember walking around the house with my Walkman listening to the soundtrack over and over (yes, I’m that old). But The Lion King is the sort of film that proves the difference is that vast between Blu-Ray and the old standbys that the frugal should let loose their tight fists. It’s worth it.

Do you have a hard time to going Blu-Ray because you’ve got a perfectly good DVD at home? This may help!! Check out a Lion King coupon for $5 off:

Disclosure: A screener was provided to facilitate this review. All references to my husband putting up with me are my own.

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