Winner: Dear Bully Book Giveaway!

They’re calling it an epidemic. Bullying. Taking kids by storm in 2011.

But consider how few of us would go back to high school, and it’s safe to say this is nothing new. It’s just finally getting the attention it deserves. And anything I can do to kick it in the teeth is a step toward protecting my kid from the injustices I suffered.

And so I decided to give away a second copy of Dear Bully, a book of essays from 70 of today’s hottest YA authors, to try to do my part. And now I have the winner.

Drum roll please . . .

The winner is . . . Megan, who “wasn’t bullied in school, nor do I think that I was a bully. However, I was raised not to take shit from anyone, so I think if I had ever been bullied, I would’ve fought back.”

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