Curse the Day Lalaloopsy Was ‘Born’

It never fails. The big toys are packed away in the corner of the attic, the stocking stuffers are squirreled in a closet. And then she makes an announcement.

“I want X for Christmas.”

Needless to say, attic and closet are positively brimming with L,M, Q and even Y. There may be an A in there, possibly an E . . . things are packed so tightly in there it’s hard to tell anymore.

But alas there’s no X.

Because until today, you’d never heard of X. You didn’t know she’d heard of X.

And did I mention X is nowhere to be found on the store shelves?

Lalaloopsy Doll, I curse you and the cute little curls that have wrapped ’round my 6-year-old’s fingers. Figuratively of course. Because if it were literally, I wouldn’t be the mother who was “done” with her Christmas shopping who somehow has found herself back and square one.

Her button eyes taunt me from the other side of my computer screen. Just $25 more dollars and she can join the array of toys begged for and forgotten in Christmases past. Too bad I spent that $25 a week ago on another begged for item with less little pieces.

Too bad I went for L and M when I should have waited for the discovery of X courtesy of some other little girl on the playground.

What good is the magic eye in the back of a mother’s head if it can’t anticipate a little girl’s absolute delight at driving her mother up the Christmas tree?

Seems I need to make space for Lalaloopsy. Anyone want to trade for items M and R?

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