My Vote: Up for Sale!

In the scheme of things, snow before Halloween isn’t the worst thing. It chills the moldy pumpkins so they don’t smell quite so ripe, and relatively warm sidewalks make for easy removal. There’s even the notion that this may be the one thing that finally convinces the costume designers to finally craft outfits for kids who don’t live in Florida!

I’m prepping my “snow boots” and “winter coat” plus costume pictures for them now.
Yes, the snow was an inconvenience.

But this weekday Halloween thing is really going to kill me.

The Monday Halloween may well be the worst for parents. First there’s the obvious difficulty: e have to figure out how to complete all the regular after-school activities plus trick or treating. And we have to do them all before it gets too dark. Oh, right, and teachers would like our kids to show up for school the next morning bright and chipper rather than tired and suffering from a sugar hangover. I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to deal with my kid after too few hours of sleep and too many Snickers either.

But I digress.

Because it’s one Monday.

But it means Halloween won’t fall on a Friday or weekend for years to come.

Literally. Years.

This is what keeps parents up at night, knowing that by the time Halloween is finally semi-sane, their tots may well be out of the dressing up stage.

As if we didn’t spend enough time with a calendar before we had kids, trying to make sure junior wasn’t born on Granny’s birthday or force Mom to go through a hot summer pregnancy. Who knew we should have been keeping track on the trick or treating too? Add this to lessons you learn in parenting just a wee bit too late.

I’ve heard rumblings that people in politics have pondered turning the October 31 tradition into a “last Saturday of the month” suggestion. If they want to move here, I’ll give them my vote gladly. If they have a photo of a parka-clad kid in a costume too, they can be my best friend.

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