The Most Freeing Election of My Life

If only election season were a season in the way that summer is. The long days and summer’s sun moved with blink and you missed it kind of speed, while the drudgery of listening to politicians backbiting drags on.

But this year, I have discovered how to make the headache end early.

I got my absentee ballot. More importantly, I mailed my absentee ballot.

Planning to be out of town on election day, I’d applied for and received my form weeks ago. But when it seemed my plans for election day were changing yet again, I hesitated. It was all marked, but did I send it in or trash it? Did I try to show up at the polling place now that I’d be in town?

The New York Board of Elections website offered little help (ahem, Albany . . . ) on what I had to do, so I bit the bullet. Last week I sealed my own fate. I mailed that bad boy to Monticello.

And the weight lifted right off of my shoulders.

At first I was sad to be one of those people who’d have to wait to see how much her vote really counted until days after the election had passed, but now I’m wondering why I didn’t do this years ago. It’s liberating!

My husband can gripe about campaign signs, but it just rolls off my back. The fliers can mount up in my mailbox, but I just chuck them in the recycling bin.

Politician knocks on the door, I throw it wide with a grin and announce, “You’re too late!”
Politician stands in town reminding me to get out do my civic duty, and I grin even wider. “Did it already!”

I did my due diligence. I checked out my candidates as I do every year.

But unlike every other year, I’m not sitting here weeks after my decision’s been made still listening to people trying to snag my vote. It’s too late folks. Decision’s done.

Election season’s over in my house!

Image via alancleaver2000/Flickr

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