Scooby Doo Can’t Solve This Christmas Cookie Mystery

Ask most writers their weakest point, and we’ll look right, then left, and then ruefully shake our heads. “Numbers,” we’ll whisper, “they just don’t make sense.”

My apologies to my fellow scribes. I’m not whispering. I am shouting this one from the rooftops.

I am horrible at math. My high school geometry, algebra and pre-calc teacher (yes, all the same man, yes, I went to a small school in Sullivan County) can attest to this.

And so can my friends at Christmas time.

Because I always plan to have just enough cookies to satisfy Santa’s taste for a little something sweet to eat after he plops down our chimney and sets a few toys beneath the tree plus enough of the sweet treats to finish off the holiday meal. And yet it never happens. Instead I have enough to feed a small Army plus man each soldier with enough goodies to pass out to the children of the particular third world country where they are stationed.

How does this happen to me? Year after year?

I plan just two major cookie bakes of the season: a kids day at the home of one of my childhood best friends and her son who has become one of Jillian’s childhood best friends, then one at my house with Jillian and whatever visitor we invite along (this year and last it’s been her babysitter). I limit the menu to the absolute favorites.  Sugar cookies are a must, of course. And then there’s gingerbread. And who can live without my chocolate chip crazies, made of whatever half-filled bags of chips happen to be languishing in the baking drawer from baking projects throughout the year. And then there’s that really cute idea I saw on that blog. And maybe those orange cookies we made that one year. And . . .

OK, so it sounds like a lot. I know.

But I am aware of my waistline. I know I have to protect it by being proactive. And so I always send home goodies with the guest baker. I get them out of here! After all, that’s what good hosts do; my friend and her son have a box prepared for Jillian to take when we leave their home.

Oh. Wait.

Cookies brought home + cookies baked = enough for Santa + Christmas dinner + the army.

See what I mean about the math problems?


  1. Feel free to send some my way 😉

  2. I had nary a sugar cookie this year…you coulda helped a girl out! 😉 And I have to giggle, my word verification to get this lovely comment to post? "unfeed" Kismet?

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