‘Lady And The Tramp’ Re-Boot Is a Kick in the Pants

When the Lady and the Tramp “Diamond” edition Blu-Ray DVD landed in my mailbox, it was technically one of those “get the blogger to write about it” deals. But for me, it was much more. It was a chance to revisit with my childhood pals.

If it sounds like a bit of overblown rhetoric, allow me to step back and explain. Of all the benefits to growing up in a house without television — and for all the kvetching I did as a kid, I’ll admit there were many — there’s one that doesn’t make it onto the “OMG, you have to do this for your little one lists.”

Movies characters were, for me, like friends. Living on a dead end road scattered with residences reserved by their owners for rare trips “to the country,” I was that voracious reader kid that most parents who forgo the TV dream of having. I’m still that reader kid.
But while I constructed fanciful stories for the characters in my books beyond the page, movies allowed me a break to sit face-to-face with someone who talked back.

It’s true, “no TV” did not mean we lacked an actual television. OK, we did. Until I was 5. And then these two boxes appeared in our house, wholly unable to bring us any form of entertainment until my mother went out and bought two spankin’ new VCRs to go with them.

Then we had what my dad jokingly referred to during my childhood as VCR-vision. My brother and I gobbled up movies. We watched them again and again and again.

It’s the height of irony that classy Cocker Spaniel Lady and her spunky mutt love Tramp were among my favorites. I went through a period in my childhood when I was terrified of real barking, scratching dogs. But behind the safety of that glass screen, these two were safe. And they came with catchy musical numbers!

Raising a kid with an inside dog, the canine fear is not an issue. And it’s all the better — she actually LIKES dogs!

But the real score? For a kid who has become accustomed to viewing the “extras” on DVDs, the Diamond edition couldn’t have made for a better excuse to snuggle on the couch for hours. What a difference from the mother who was just happy to see something actually moving on her screen, huh?

What’s your blast-from-the-past movie that you couldn’t wait to share with your kiddo?

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