Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned at IKEA

Folks, I have a problem. When I venture outside of the county for a major shop, I feel guilty. There. I said it.

I, Jeanne Sager, got in the car early Saturday morning with one of my best friends from childhood with an adventure in mind. Our objective? A desk for the kid’s room that wouldn’t cost me my arm, my leg, and her — my firstborn (not to mention only born).

I stumbled on a debate recently over why Sullivan County residents flock out of this place in droves to do their shopping, and there were more than a few voices who would call my trip traitorous.

Fact is, I’ve always tried to be a promoter of the shop local movement and I pay it more than lip service. There is good stuff here, folks, marvelous stuff, if you actually bother to use it.

Best birthday present I received last year? Massage gift certificates to Western Sullivan Massage, right in Jeffersonville. Easiest Christmas presents purchased last year? Gift certificates (sensing a theme?) to the eclectic Global Home – again in Jeffersonville – and the Callicoon Theater.

See! I’m legit! I don’t talk out of my you-know-what.

But did I mention there isn’t a store in this county that sells the moisturizer that’s done wonders for my skin? And I’d love to buy the kid a pair of nice jeans at a fancy boutique, but fancy boutique jeans gets holes in the knees from recess just as fast as the $10 box store stuff, only they hurt my pride more.

I love my small town, but let’s just say I work at home and sometimes this writer needs a real adventure — one that requires a drive with a friend and a credit card.

So fast forward to Saturday night and the reality of being a shop local do-gooder who can’t always do good.

The floor of the playroom was a disaster. Baggie of hardware here. Long boards there. Wooden dowels as far as the eye could see.

And then it happened. My husband realized the project I’d delivered onto him on a Saturday afternoon could not be completed — at least not with the components inside the two boxes I’d loaded just hours before from the correct aisles and bins at the Swedish wonderland 200 miles away.

While I tried to affix a Pepto Bismol pink plastic seat to a metal base, my husband was turning the playroom upside down hoping the missing pieces for our kid’s new desk would magically appear.
They didn’t. Surprise, surprise. A few phone calls later, and they are on their way, expected to be delivered by FedEX … sometime.

No wonder it was on sale.

Go ahead and rag on me for crossing our borders. I won’t be able to use my guest room until it’s free of boards, dowels, and baggies of hardware. I think I’m due a break!

Fellow country living folks, be honest … what do you venture out to buy (and do you regret it)?

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Photo via seanboyer/Flickr

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