I’d Rather My Kid Was a Muppet

Add this to the fight over “appropriate” role models for our girls. My daughter went to The Disney Store with my mother just before Christmas (and just after seeing The Muppets in the theater with me on Thanksgiving weekend) and fell in love with a stuffed Miss Piggy doll.

With a fabulous pink evening dress and her flowing blond locks, she was christened “Diva Miss Piggy” by my 6-year-old. I didn’t even know she knew the word, much less what it meant. But she’s right.

And I must admit that of all the Muppets, she’s not a bad one to have your daughter swoon for. Is she self-involved? Sure. A little boy crazy? Is a pig pink?

But as we sat watching the new The Muppets Wocka Wocka Value Pack Blu-Ray (which goshdarnit has a free copy of the soundtrack I had to buy way back over the Thanksgiving weekend so Man or Muppet can be heard blasting from the kid’s bedroom every night) I begged the dancing child to come back to the couch for a cuddle. And when she finally did, treating me to a laugh Tex Richman-style as she collapsed on my lap, I leaned in for a whisper. “You know you’re pretty awesome just the way you are.”

She grinned, flipped me an “I know” and returned to dancing with Diva Miss Piggy in her arms, blissfully unaware that she was so far off the beat she seemed to be listening to a completely different song. She didn’t care. She was as happy as a pig in . . . you know. 

This is the lesson of Miss Piggy. She is a little on the hefty side — porcine perhaps? She is a bit of a flibbertigibbet. And she is absolutely sure of herself.

I only wish I could say the same. My habit of apologizing for myself, my tendency to hide my body in oversize hooded sweatshirts, and a bulimic past that isn’t past enough are not the types of things I want to pass.

So I look for role models where I can.

And yes, I found them in The Muppets. In Amy Adams embracing her Party of One (might I encourage a “me party” the next time you just need a break? They’re worth it). In Miss Piggy’s utter faith that she is special, and goshdarnit, she doesn’t care what other people think.

I’ll be honest … I’m sharing this this week because The Muppets is on everyone’s mind, splashed all over the posters at your local box store, and up for “should it go in the Easter basket” debates. I was more than over the moon to get my mitts on the DVD (blogger disclaimer, I ended up getting a freebie from the folks at Disney so we could indulge in kid’s new favorite pastime: watching bonus features … she recommends you watch the blooper reel at least 20 times).

But I’m also sharing this because sometimes you need to interrupt movie watching with your kid, call them over and tell them how awesome they are. Hopefully, they’ll already know.

Is The Muppets going in your kid’s Easter basket? 

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