My Little Pony, I Hereby Apologize for Doubting You

So there I was in the Wal-Mart checkout line (yeah, yeah, I live in the boonies peeps) buying kiddo the LaLaLoopsy that she’d begged Santa for, and somehow this checkout boy with Justin Bieber hair was talking about things that were so totally cool for kids. And I let slip that I remember the days of My Little Pony. And yeah, he said he’s a fan (after totally making me feel like an old hag when he couldn’t believe I had ponies way back in the dark ages of my youth, but anyhoo).

Say whaaaaa? My 6-year-old watches that stuff! Surely he can’t be talking about the same thing.

She catches episodes of the reboot, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on The Hub when we have the time, but more often it’s been on YouTube (shhh). And busy mom that I am, I didn’t get around to joining in until a DVD arrived in my mailbox (hellloooooo gift from Shout! Factory! This is my disclaimer!) of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Friendship Express (wooooh, long name there).

And it’s like the heavens opened, and the lights shined in. I get it now — the hipster following, the section on Reddit, the Wiki, the memes … everything.

This show is, like, OMG, deep. Yes, that was sarcasm. But not in a mean way!

There is solid storytelling, some quirky pop culture references, and the animation is heads and tails above the stuff we had as kids. I could sit and watch Twilight Sparkle hang out with the ponies and actually laugh. And smile. And needless to say, there were no thoughts of smacking. my. head. against. a wall. You know — like I do whenever Max & Ruby comes on.

This can’t be a kid’s show, can it? It’s too good. It’s so not what I’m used to.

So this is my mea culpa to nameless Justin Bieber hair dude. This My Little Pony stuff is pretty cool … for all of us.

Who is your favorite My Little Pony? You know you have one! 

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