Why Pound Puppies Will Make You Love Betty White Even More

When I grow up, I want to be Betty White.

I knew this when she showed up in that Snickers commercial during the Super Bowl. And was further convinced when she rapped I’m Still Hot at 89 flipping years old with a bunch of beefcakes fawning all over her.

But her appearance on the show Pound Puppies just put it over the top.

Yeah, I said Pound Puppies. Didn’t you have one? My kid has a Pound Purry. It’s rare and it’s vintage. And it’s been slobbered on and slept with, because that’s how we roll with the old toys pulled out of storage.

But back to Betty. There I am trying to focus on a book (Being Lara by Lola Jaye if you must know, but more on that later) while the kid is watching cartoons. And then I hear a voice that sounds awfully familiar. Kind of reminds me of childhood, when my grandmother used to watch The Golden Girls while I read (you getting a sense about me?). So I look up, and there is this fabulous pearl-bedecked older gal with rad red glasses and an insistence that her pup from the shelter is going to kick some purebred tail.

Sniff. Sniff. Right after me “can’t take her to the shelter because she’ll adopt them all” heart. Betty White is 90 years old with great gams and a sexy, sassy attitude. And she is still trying to convince the world that four-legged doesn’t mean free to be abandoned or abused. Thanks to Pound Puppies of all places, web savvy me ended up on the website for the Morris Animal Foundation where Betty’s been working for 40 years saving sea otters and funding research into curing bone cancer in dogs.


Hard core.

So why am I talking about this now? I just got pitched (yes, disclaimer from the blogger) on a release of a Pound Puppies: Homeward Pound movie that includes her special episode, Homeward Rebound (along with four others that are pretty cute … promise). It’s a cartoon, but it pretty much sums up everything I’ve been trying to say for years about how much more valuable our mixed up mutts can be.

And I’m spreading the word on behalf of some video company for one reason: because Pound Puppies was always going to have a piece of my heart thanks to some ’80s nostalgia, but with Betty White mania at fever pitch at the moment, I’m hoping that spreading the word on this video will do something else. It will get people to watch, fall in love, then notice a familiar voice, and go where I went … and be inspired by one of the most kickass women of our times to go adopt a shelter dog like the cuties in the cartoon, or help a sea otter or … something!

Check Betty out!:

Now tell me you don’t want to get all snuggled up with your kids and hook them on Pound Puppies … come on, raise a future generation of animal saving kids with me!

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Disclaimer:  I received a copy of Pound Puppies: Homeward Pound which prompted this post, however I was not paid for this post or required to write it. All opinions and simpering about Betty White is my own.

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