You Know You’re From Sullivan County If …

April 25, 2012 9:11 pm
My handsome cousin on a tractor

They say it’s a mixed up world we live in. But there are some things you can always count on. You know you’re from Sullivan County if any of the following hold true:

  • You consider the first day of deer season a holiday, even if you don’t hunt.
  • Hearing national media refer to that big festival back in 1969 in “Woodstock, New York” annoys you.
  • There’s a road named for your family (although none of your family live on it anymore).
  • You went clothes shopping at Sullivan’s.
  • You explain where you’re from to people who are out of the area by referencing the (probably defunct) hotel your house is closest to.
  • You’ve stood outside an ice cream stand licking a cone in a winter parka because goshdarnit, this is a sign of spring, and you’re going to enjoy it!
  • You preface in-car (hands-free!) cellphone calls with “I’m going to lose you in about 5 minutes, so …”
  • A cow ever made your school bus late.
  • You’ll never get used to 17 being list as I-86.
  • You’ve seen so many eagles you forget to stop and look when they fly by … but you’ve almost been in a car accident coming around a turn to find some out-of-towner stopped in the middle of the road staring at a nest.
  • You were in a car accident or other mishap, and were lucky enough to have volunteers show up to rescue you.
  • You wave to every car in the opposite lane because you know each driver.
  • Your sister leaned over to tell you that hottie you are checking out at the bar is actually another one of our cousins (and yes, you WERE embarrassed … this isn’t Deliverance country; sheesh).
  • You’re used to eating in restaurants owned by people, not corporations.
  • You graduated with 33 people. In one class.
  • You know how to drive a 4-wheeler and have since you were 5.
  • You plan for snow by filling the bathtub with extra water, pulling out the candles, and making a pile of board games because it’s going to be a long night without electric.
  • Buying a good pair of jeans means driving an hour.
  • You hear a car alarm and think, “Oh, it must be summer.”
  • You’ve gone hunting for Easter Eggs in a snow storm.
  • Birthday party entertainment was “Go outside and play, kids.”
  • You love a good tractor parade.
  • You’ve planned a weekend around a pancake breakfast or a roast beef dinner.
  • You grew up reading The Sullivan County Democrat! 

Come on y’all, add to it in comments!

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