I Have No Shame; I’m a Blogger

There comes a moment in every blogger’s life when she has to take stock of her life and ask: do I have any shame left?

I have admitted a lot over the years, and it’s all out there, ready for a Google search to bring it flooding back. Heaven help my child when I open the parental controls on her laptop.

Yes, I have read 50 Shades of Grey. And the two books after it. The writing was horrible, but I read ’em. So there!

Yes, I got married at 18. And let every reader who landed on the AOL homepage on the day I wrote about it know about it.

I’ve lectured Michelle Obama on talking about her girl’s weight, after admitting I myself was bulimic.
I’ve admitted to watching cartoons. Alone. And liking them.

And yes, I have screwed up as a parent. Loads of times. And I’m not exactly embarrassed by it … .
Ok, I liked. There was that one time when she fell off the front steps, when I was RIGHT THERE. Her face was a mess of black and blue and red, and we had to go to the district attorney’s office the very next day for an interview for this here paper. And my kid looked like she’d been beaten senseless. That one was embarrassing.

But, I once let my child watch six hours of TV in a day. And I was called out as one of the worst parents in America by the parenting expert at Good Morning America for it.

Try inscribing that one on a gold cup! Because I am proud of my foibles, or at least my ability to admit them.

Because I can embarrass myself for the sake of all those other imperfect people out there who are afraid they’re totally alone. You’re not. We’re all screwed up. Some people are just better at screwing up in public.

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  1. Yep, been there many a time! I think parenting is a lot like blogging in the fact that the best parents are the ones who are not only honest and make mistakes, but embrace their mistakes and shout them to the world. Only when parents share their mistakes with other parents can we rid the world of this perfect mom stereotype! In a sense, bloggers are the same way.I do have to say though, my face cringed at the thought of your daughter's face on the cement! OUCH!

  2. Thank you for being the queen of screw-ups. You're doing a wonderful job! Makes it easier for the rest of us to follow suit. ;)j/k of course

  3. Ha! Yes we are alls crewed up and I've been there too. Have done that with tv too. (don't tell!) anyhow, I am right there with you, no i have no shame left. but i'm honest. And no one wins when I'm not honest about things, especially me who needs to write to get it off my chest. whatever it is.

  4. Liz, you know I do it all for you honey! 😉

  5. wonderful post!!

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