The Avengers Red Carpet Vs. The Wrap I’d Rather Forget

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Warning. This column will contain some bragging. I’m sorry. It can’t be helped (well it could, but it wouldn’t be that interesting).

I should have known it would happen. I was invited by Disney to cover the New York premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers, and I had everything set. The dress was bought (yes, folks who are accustomed to seeing me show up at your events in jeans and a hoodie, I did indeed buy a dress). The shoes were bought. Four inches of heel with pretty pink straps.

Then I made the podiatrist appointment. I didn’t even think about it. Raised by a nurse practitioner, when something goes wrong, you get it looked at.

So, when the ankle had an issue, off to the doctor I went. It wasn’t until he said lift your foot and started wrapping the cotton around it that I started to get the funny feeling in my stomach.

Hmm. This is interesting.

And then he added the top layer. Some stretchy plastic-y stuff that has some official name, I’m sure, but all I know is it was rather … bright. Brighter than those pretty pink straps by far.

I climbed off the table – well maybe oozed off it is more like; I was trying not to step too hard on this newly wrapped ankle – and then he dropped the bomb. So, you’ll come back in a week, and we’ll get a look at it. Leave the compression bandage on there until then.


A week?

But I was going to the red carpet in three days.

I couldn’t go with this bright pink thing on my ankle.

I threw out the only thing that came to mind. So what about washing it?

The doctor looked at me, his eyebrow raised.


That was it. Don’t wash. Don’t take it off. Don’t rock the pretty pink strappy shoes with the black dress and own the red carpet.

I went home and moaned. A lot. On Facebook. On the phone. To my husband.

The ankle didn’t hurt in the least (props, doc, you did that part right). But I felt ridiculous.

And then it was Friday, and I was leaving for the bus in Monticello to ride into Manhattan. And I had to make a choice. Do I take the strappy shoes or the flat flip flops? Decisions. Decisions.

I threw them both in the suitcase, and off I went, climbing into the car of the kind of true friend who throws her plans aside to take you to the bus station so your husband can collect your kid from the bus.

But I couldn’t put it off forever. Saturday came. The big night. The closing of the Tribeca Film Festival. Red carpet night. With, I might add, Callicoon’s most famous actor/activist talking about being a green superhero in both senses of the word (lost? Mark Ruffalo plays the Incredible Hulk … stealing the movie from Robert Downey Jr., I might add … and is of course one of the loudest voices working to prevent fracking from coming to Sullivan County. Green plus green equals, well, you get where I’m going with this.).

I looked at the flip flops. They’ve been worn around the country and back again. They’ve had their due.

But those pink strappy things needed their night. And hey, they’re ALMOST as bright as the weird plastic-y stuff.

I put them on. Asked my pal to help me actually strap them around the thing on my ankle. And that was that. I went to the red carpet with a big pink THING on my ankle.

I got a thumbs up from actress Cobie Smulders for knowing how to work it.

It may not have been pretty, but it got noticed. And that’s better than being ignored.

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Hanging with actress Cobie Smulders and a bunch of the other bloggers on the trip. 

Disney covered my expenses to see Marvel’s The Avengers. 


  1. Yes, you totally rocked your funky pink accessory! 🙂 It was good to meet you.

  2. You did rock it, Jeanne! but Geez, what happened to the old, flesh-colored bandage stuff? Your doctor couldn't find that?????Love your attitude.

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