Don’t Know Perry the Platypus? What Good Are You?

So the kid got The Perry Files DVD for her birthday. See her there making an insanely over the top face? You can tell what she thinks of it.
I, on the other hand, think I may have a crush on Perry the Platypus. He’s quiet. He’s cute. And he can rid the world of evil in less time than it takes for his owners to realize he’s missing.

And if you do not know who Perry is, perhaps you should stop reading this blog post right now. Wait! No! Come back! You are exactly the person who needs to be reading this.

I think I mentioned, Perry is a platypus. A butt-kicking, evil-thwarting, always comes-home-for-dinner platypus who gets second (or maybe it’s third) billing on the Disney Channel’s Phineas & Ferb. But people! Perry does not talk. Which means the possibilities of the little aquamarine hero turning into an obnoxious Spongebob-type are about a million to one!

I dare say he is the most perfect cartoon creation of this generation.

And as recently as a few months ago, I was plunking down $40-some smackeroos on my new Perry sweatshirt only to have a store clerk refer to him as a “duck.”

A duck? People? Get with it. This platypus is a bad mama jama. And yeah, so his owners are pretty cool kids who spend their 104 days of summer vacation (come on, that has to be ringing some bells, right, you’ve heard the song) actually doing something instead of sitting on their collective tushies, Perry is where it’s at.

Which is why I’m writing a blog post hawking a DVD right now. To cover all my blogger bases, I’ll be honest — I managed to get a freebie from Disney of the Perry Files.

But as I mentioned before, the kid already wanted it … and I would hope readers on this site know I don’t blow up something unless I’m totally 100 percent nuts for it.

And I think I may be. I have a Perry sweatshirt. I have a Perry iPhone cover. I may or may not have borrowed some of the Perry stickers from inside the Perry Files DVD. And oh crap, I think I’ll just let Heinz Doofenshmirtz take it away:

Got it stuck in your head? You’ll be glad to know the whole thing is on the DVD. So go get platypized. I can’t be the only weirdo crushing on an aquatic mammal who isn’t actually real.

Who is your favorite Phineas & Ferb character?

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  1. We love that cartoon!!!!

  2. We are HUGE fans over here too! Kids loved The Perry Files.Kas

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