THIS Is All That Really Matters to Your Kid

I am not one of those a-hole moms who ignores her kids. Which means I care. Sometimes a little too much.

“Who did you play with at recess?” I ask, paranoid that her tendency to be a pain in the ass bit on the bossy side may leave her stranded.

“Did you eat lunch with anyone?” I ask, waiting for a “bad” answer so I can swoop in and fix it all with a cuddle.

Here’s the truth.

My kid doesn’t give a crap. She’s happy being who she is and doing what she does. And she really thinks that all my freaking out about the bullies and the loneliness and what not is cramping her style.

Here’s what she does care about:

Ice cream.

My Little Pony.

Phineas & Ferb.

That Daddy remembered to DVR Doc McStuffins.

How much the next Big Nate book will cost if she wants to download it to her Kindle Fire.

Whether I ate all the Birthday Bash ice cream while she was at school.

Noticing a pattern here? Take note of the scribbled message that I discovered on my calendar (above).

Bullies terrify me. She just wants ice cream.

Well played, childhood. Well played.

What is your kid obsessed with these days? 

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  1. I think for "A Mom" and someone who writes for a newspaper you need to clean up your mouth. I would not want to read your column to any of my children, thank you.Respectively, A Reader and subscriber.

  2. Dear Reader and subscriber,I can't Help but wonder if you read everything to your child. Do you Read to them about the child that got kidnapped or sexually assaulted? No? Then why would you read any of her column to you kids. Please try Books that are appropriate for you kid.Also i would like you to know that She is a wonderful mom and nothing that she does that could harm her child is said without her child in mind, and this wasn't said in front of her kid it was in a post that her daughter is to young to be on. Finally I think you need a chill pillAll in RespectAnother bad mom

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