This Is Why Facebook Can’t Kill the Newspaper


I’ve heard from more than a few folks recently that they don’t need to buy a newspaper because they have Facebook.

They’re half right. Facebook has become our instant access to too much information. You can know find out what your best friend’s mother ate for breakfast this morning and what TV show she watched last night.

You’ll see pictures of the amazing and adorable triplets one of your childhood buddies just brought into the world. You’ll catch up on your fabulous friends’ rambles ’round the world.

Oh, and you’ll be told that the kid who was in a minor accident and is currently at home resting was airlifted to a major trauma unit because, wait for it … she’s in a coma. Huh, what? Those two don’t add up? You don’t say.

Lesson one, ladies and germs:

Facebook. Believe half of what you read. If that.

I’d liken it to the old game of telephone, only it’s worse.

Because no sooner does something, ANYTHING, happen, and it’s being picked apart online by “experts.”

Expert, by the way, is defined by someone whose kid sister’s best friend’s cousin talked to someone who was RIGHT NEXT DOOR!

Still want to take their word for it over that of a seasoned reporter? I mean, they heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody who thinks THEY heard it from someone else. Gotta be a shred of truth in there somewhere, right? Aww, what the heck, let’s just finesse it a little and pass it along. Who can pass up a good rumor?

The more I read, the more I can.

But I’ll keep coming back. Those pictures of triplets sure are scrumptious. And how else will I know what Judge Judy did on TV this morning? That’s not in the paper!

What’s the most insane rumor you’ve gotten from your Facebook feed? 

Speaking of Facebook:

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