Too Hot For You? Shaddup

66 degrees
Think it’s time to clean the thermometer?

Well, it really is spring. Or as I like to call it, the time when I uncurl from my slug-like position on a chair by my computer and actually get something accomplished around my house.

I’m a firm believer in the warmer, the better.

I’m like one of those solar lights. I don’t work without sun. Or chocolate. But that’s another column.

See, while you moaned that you got a little sweaty over the weekend? People like me basked in the joy of knowing they didn’t have to wear three layers of wool socks to pull weeds.

Have you ever tried to walk in three layers of wool socks? Enough said then.

There are people who hate the heat. And then there are the rest of us. We are the yin to your yang, the peas to your carrots, and all that. Point being? While you make the world work one half of the year, we’re more than happy to take up the slack on the other end when the sun finally gets a clue and comes around.

You know your weekend was successful when your bedroom/attic are cleared of two bags of garbage plus another bag of clothes worth donating, and the dog no longer smells like something died and she rolled in it. I consider the latter part especially important for the peace and goodwill in my household. It was getting to the point where it was “the dog or me.” And don’t think those puppy dog eyes were coming from the canine.

I’ve been telling myself I couldn’t bathe her until the weather warmed enough for her to have a good afternoon of drying off in the backyard. What kind of cruel human let’s a wet dog stand in the cold? 
OK, perhaps I was projecting a bit. Love my dog as much as I do, the other part of my brain was thinking “what kind of cruel dog gets so stinky that she’d make a human get wet in the cold just to give her a bath?” Because there is no staying dry when you wash a dog; at least not my dog.

So to all those random humans gloating in the grocery store that we barely had a winter, how about you shut your traps. Do you really want to jinx us? Because then I go back to the couch, and YOU go back to work.

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