Because Apparently Rodents Are Adorable?

Skip Hop Lunch bag
A mouse? Really?

When I tell people I have a paralyzing fear of rodents, they look at me like I’m stating the obvious. I know what they’re thinking, “Of COURSE you don’t like them. No one actually likes mice and rats.”

Except when I say paralyzing fear, I mean I can’t even watch the movie Ratatouille without getting a case of the creepy crawlies. And they’re cartoon rats!

Not to mention someone actually does like mice and rats. Kids.

I know, right?

Behold the insanely adorable back-to-school lunchbag my daughter picked out after I realized her original lunchbag had terrifying chemicals in it (thanks to the non-profit Center for Environment, Health & Justice for releasing that study a little too late!).

This is our second Skip Hop lunchbag, and I love that they’re BPA-free, phthalate-free, and all that jazz, and they’re reasonably priced. She loved this one because it was — and I quote — “a cute little mousie!”

If she didn’t bear a striking resemblance to my grandmother, I’d wonder if she was my child.

But then, she’s not the only one. This year there seems to be a glut of rodent products on the market, and little girls (and I suppose little boys) are slobbering over how cuuuuuuute they are and begging their parents to fork over hard-earned cash for VERMIN. It makes me want to run up to the top of a bell tower and scream, “Don’t you know those things carry disease? Please, for the love of all that is good and holy — like chocolate and fried noodles — can we please stop selling our kids a tale of sweet little mice?”

I suppose I should just be glad my kid doesn’t react to mice the way she does to bees. Imagine sitting in your house hard at work only to hear an ear-piercing shriek. You run as hard and fast as you can outside your house, thinking she must have broken her arm or maybe there was a bear in the backyard or something interesting was going on!

And really she just saw a bee. Saw it. As in, it was nowhere near her.

I digress. Bees are her thing. Mice are mine. 

She wasn’t raised right by a river. She didn’t grow up in a house where mouse traps were just “there” because you never knew when one of those creeps would decide it wanted a nice, warm house to camp out in.

This is one of the scars of childhood that remains. I once cleaned the bedroom I shared at the time with my younger brother (yet another scar!) only to discover a dead mouse that had evidently made a meal out of the poison my parents set out regularly … and then bled out on top of one of my paperbacks. Needless to say I will never know what the heck happens with the Clan of the Cave Bear.

But I still bought my kid the Mouse lunchbag. Because she thinks it’s cute. And because I didn’t need a bunch of cancer-causing chemicals hanging out with her PB&J.

Now that’s what I call a good mom moment.

Do you get freaked out by some of the animals kids are told are “cute?”

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  1. You truly are my polar opposite in every way. Rodents are completely adorable, and incredibly intelligent, as well. Don't be so harsh on them. I have always had a soft spot for rodents, and even spent a few years training my pet rat to bring me things from around the house. She's was smarter than some people I've met. I'd be far more likely to purchase things if they had more rodent stuff.

  2. They are so cute! I had a full-size one when I was younger and dwarf ones a few years ago. They make great pets and are pretty clean 🙂

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