Brave DVD Release Date Squeaks In JUST In Time

It’s official!

Happiness for a 7-year-old is finding out the movie you have been begging your mother to buy for you since you saw it in the theater will be out a month and a half BEFORE Christmas … so maybe she’ll buy it “just because” instead of waiting to put it under the tree.

Yes, I’m talking about Brave.

I got the notice yesterday that it his DVD & Blu-Ray on November 13, and she’s been buzzing around the house ever since … trying to find that Merida wig (hint, it’s hidden away so she can wear it on Halloween … I’m not letting her ruin a perfectly good costume so I have to buy a new one!).

Chances are she’ll get it … I don’t think I could stand to wait until December myself.

Do you have a cut-off date for buying things for the kids “just because?” When do purchases start getting set aside for the holidays?

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  1. I'm thinking Halloween at the latest is when the gravy train dries up for a while!

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