Hey Shutterbug: Will Your Kids Even Remember You?

It was a minor miracle, but it happened. We got a family photo.

It’s not fancy. I still have to book an actual photo sitting with a professional photographer. Being one myself, I already have one picked out. It will happen one day. It MUST happen one day.

Because to look at my child’s memory books is to wonder where the heck I am.

There’s me in the photo at her birth, taken by the doctor who delivered her.

There are a few from our Disney vacation, for which we paid through the nose (and during which she cried … because that’s what tired 4-year-olds do when their parents are really counting on them behaving).

There’s one from a birthday party, taken by a friend.

And then … well, I’m trying to think. Can you smell the smoke?

It’s the story of any camera-toting parent. There’s usually just one in a couple, one designated picture taker, and one designated picture sitter. Although ours is the twist in it all: I’m obsessive about my camera; he hates having his photo taken.

In fact when I posted this miracle photo, taken by a random fellow tourist at the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls a few weeks ago, a friend admitted she’d never seen my husband.

So we have photo after photo of our child doing what kids do: getting dirty, getting her face painted, in the tractor parade, on the swings, opening presents!

But we were there, I swear! And at least now I can prove it!

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  1. Ha! I can soooo relate. We do TRY to take photos of ourselves but it's tough. When my hubs is with us he usually takes over so I have to make a conscious effort to prove he was there too. We don't post many pics of my daughter online so my mom says that we have more photos of my dog than my daughter 😛

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