You’ll Never Use Another Brush Again

pink hairOK, first up, I know you’re wondering why a woman who has no hair is writing an ode to a hairbrush. First up, the Knot Genie is not “just” a hairbrush. Second: my kid has hair, alright?

It’s luscious hair, all perfect honey blond and straight with just that eensiest bit of wave that makes it fall perfectly down her back.

Yeah, I’m jealous of my kid’s hair, alright? If I had hair like that, I’d actually HAVE hair (well, maybe).

But does she appreciate it? Seriously? She’s 7. She appreciates new Littlest Pet Shops magically appearing in the shopping cart. Hair, and anything associated with it, is on par with a torture far surpassing even the sunscreen test.

Until the Knot Genie entered the picture.

Now I should say because bloggers everywhere like to talk about their free shit, that I paid good money for this thing on the recommendation of my friend Sasha. In fact I paid about double what it’s going for on The Mini Social right now (getting to that later).


Apparently the secret is the varied length bristles that flex as you work your way through their hair. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter. It could be bewitched by elves and sprinkling pixie dust in her locks.

Knot Genie

It gets out every tangle. And she doesn’t shriek like the neighbors need to call CPS.

She calls it the magic brush, and it is. It’s magic in my little hand as I spray in our favorite California Baby detangler and try to work out the remains of yogurt and lollipop and whatever else she ate while refusing to actually use the quadrillion ponytail holders that you will find scattered all over my house (except the ones the cat has eaten … yeah, that’s fun … not).

This is my secret to getting my kid out of the house without looking like a feral animal has been nesting on her head.

And now I’m sharing it with you … in large part because it’s good timing. The Knot Genie — for which I paid $20 is on sale at flash sale site The Mini Social right now for only $9.99. Awesome, right?

You’ll need to sign up for the site — which is free, although if you use my referral code I get a credit (so pretty please!). And it’s only going on through September 3, so get your butt in gear.

Do you love your kid’s hair? What do you use to keep it looking groomed? 


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  1. I have been wondering about these for a while & if they were all they are cracked up to be. Sounds like they are! And I've got 8 granddaughters with heads full of gorgeous hair, which they did not inherit from me. And I wish I had the nerve to cut my hair like yours!


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