10 Truths About Working From Home That Nobody Wants to Hear

It always happens. Someone finds out I work from home, and their eyes get that look that tells you someone is about to lay some wisdom on you. “That must be so wonderful,” they enthuse.

Their list comes out. You don’t have to get dressed to go to work! You are there to get your daughter on and off the bus! You save on gas.

It’s all true. I love working from home.

Telecommuting to a business in New York City and freelancing for the Democrat have made being a working mother work for my family. If you can swing it, I recommend it. And yet, I must warn you.

Working from home has its pitfalls. Behold:

1. When your dog is cuddled up on the couch with your blanket and your pillow, you will find yourself suddenly tempted to call in sick. I call it “dog looks too cuddly-itis.”

2. Your kitchen is RIGHT THERE. And so is that leftover cheesecake. And the candy the kid brought home from that parade. And what’s that sound? Is that the chili from last night’s dinner calling my name? America, this is why I’m fat!

3. You never answer your phone without a sense of trepidation. Is this a quick call or will you spend the next 20 minutes repeating the words, “Listen, I really have to get back to work, OK, uh huh, yeah, woooooork?”

4. You won’t catch your co-worker’s cold. You WILL catch their computer virus.

5. The days of holding out until October before you turn on the heat end shortly after school starts when your kid brings home an evil cold (have I ever mentioned how I feel about parents who send their sick kids to school?) and you find yourself completely unable to get warm.

6. Your dining room table will look like your desk. This is fine if you have an organized desk. I don’t.

7. You will throw a load of laundry into the washer at 8 a.m., fully intending to move it to the dryer when you get up to grab something to drink mid-morning because, hey, you’re here, you can! Only you will forget and end up re-running that load of clothes after work when everyone else does their laundry.

8. When your kid is sick you actually HAVE to stay home with her (and don’t kid yourself, you will catch it). And what kind of mother actually gets work done with a sick kid moaning in the next room?

9. You will turn on the radio because this quiet thing is really over-rated. It may take you two hours and a Mary Poppins song before you realize that your child has changed your radio station.

10. You will hear, from everyone you meet, that working from home is awesome, and they’ll proceed to sell you on what you already do. Bear with them; everyone needs a chance to live their fantasy life.

Do you work from home? Add yours!

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