Avengers DVD Reviews Are In & My Integrity Is Intact

marvel's avengers dvd

Every once in awhile I see a movie in the theater, and I’m overwhelmed by the big, booming noises, the giant picture, the lights flashing at me. I fall in love with a film in no small part because of the wild rumpus. And when it came to The Avengers, I wasn’t just watching in any theater. I was slam bang in the middle of the Tribeca Film Festival, watching Disney/Marvel’s big flick after an introduction that included the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth (go ahead, drool), Mark Ruffalo, and Cobie Smulders onstage.

I walked out of there knowing that I liked Joss Whedon’s clever and quip-laden script. I walked out of there knowing that I’d been blown away by a movie I actually expected to dislike.

But that was April. Here we are in October, the Blu-Ray/DVD of The Avengers has just come out, and I found one sitting on my porch, courtesy of Disney (because of my press trip for work, I’d been put on a list to get a copy). Now I had to show it to my husband and hope that I’d kept my journalistic cool in the midst of all that hoopla.

We staycationed it this week in honor of our anniversary, and I finally bit the bullet. I popped The Avengers in the player, hoping that my first review would stand, that this wasn’t one of those “looks great in theaters, folks, but ….” movies.

And thank all that is good and holy in this world, I didn’t look like a swoony idiot.

The Avengers on Blu-Ray is the same funny and action-packed thrillride at home that it was at the Tribeca Film Festival … only it’s better because I could wear my PJs and eat pumpkin pie Pop Tarts (yes, they exist … get thee to a grocery store now!!).

It’s wrought with emotion, and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner is the perfect mix of sardonic wit and intense pain. But Joss Whedon’s screenplay for The Avengers offers up a group of flawed heroes made super by their ability to accept nothing is perfect, and there’s no reason to take yourself too seriously.

You know … even if you’re a journalist sent to cover a film premiere, it’s OK to have fun. As long as your fun stands the test of time. Thank goodness mine did.

What films have you found lacking after you loved them in the theater? 

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Disclaimer: Disney covered my expenses to see the Avengers at the Tribeca Film Festival this spring, and I received a free copy of the DVD. I was not compensated for this blog post, and all opinions are my own … especially the one about how I’m glad my first review stands!

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