The Cinderella Blu-Ray/DVD Story You Haven’t Heard

Cinderella Diamond Edition

Did you happen to get a look at the official Disney page for their new Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu-Ray/DVD this week?  The world’s most famous rags to riches tale has slipped out of the Disney vault again, and I got to play a small role in the hoop-la!

I got a look-see at the Blu-Ray early this year. As in super duper early, even before most of the blogging community got their copies (although I had to wait with them to get my final from Disney … and indulge my daughter’s fascination with DVD “extras). Anyhoo…

Just check out what you see when you pull up the page devoted to explaining why you need to add this little gem to your, er, um, your kids’ collection:

That’s meeeeeeee!

OK, so it’s not the big story. That’s the fact that the Cinderella Diamond Edition is out today. But it’s MY story, and I’m gonna tell it!

Here’s my original review of the advance copy which Disney used to include in their marketing for the Diamond Edition:

The fairy godmother watching over the Disney archives for the past 60-plus years must have kept a special eye on Cinderella. Updated and enhanced for Blu-Ray, the little cinder girl hasn’t lost the kind heart and gentle nature that helped her win her prince and parents’ hearts alike. Cinderella‘s still proving good conquers evil, and apparently the test of time too!

After sitting down with Jill and re-introducing her to one of the standbys of my childhood, I was relieved to see that the Disney revamp kept intact everything that made my kid brother and I wear out our Cinderella video.

I could still sing the songs. I could steal feel myself getting my German up at the way that awful stepmother treated the poor orphan girl. And that part of me that can’t help wanting my kid to love the same things that I loved felt like the fairy godmother had waved her wand in my direction when she wandered off (tunelessly) humming my old favorites.

There may be some selfishness too all of this, but I end up filling my shelves with the old Disney classics as much because I want to share my childhood with her as I do because I think she’ll like them. These are the good stories, the stories of wrongs undone, of heroes sung and unsung. They’re the stories we don’t mind passing down to our kids because we got something good out of them, didn’t we?

Were you a Cinderella fan when you were a kid? Why?

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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