This ‘Limited Edition’ Thing Is Getting Out of Hand

Whoever the marketing genius was who first came up with selling things in “limited editions,” I’m sure he’s rolling in it now. He has us all conned into thinking we MUST BUY things like pumpkin pie Pop Tarts (which, by the way, are as amazing as the name implies) because OMG, they’re only out for a limited time!

But I think this whole limited edition thing has gotten out of hand. Let me present you with exhibit A:


Can you imagine what this world would be like if I didn’t grab one of those purty pink razors before they get yanked off the shelves?

Really America?


I get the limited edition baseball cards that might be worth something by the time we have grandkids. I get the holiday flavors that we won’t see again until the next season of gluttony.

But if I can’t nick myself with a purple razor when the pink ones run out, we have much bigger problems than whether I stocked up on the limited edition colored razors.

What’s the weirdest “limited edition” thing you’ve seen the marketers trying to push?

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