5 Movies You NEED Under the Christmas Tree

Pitch Perfect DVD

We’re down to the wire, aren’t we? I’ve seen more shout-outs for ideas for stocking stuffers this week than I have during the entire holiday season!

So let’s talk DVDs, shall we? The best of the movies from 2012 that have made it to DVD? If they’re on this list, I promise, you can’t go wrong.

1. Pitch Perfect — OK, did you like Bridesmaids? Nevermind that question; everyone liked Bridesmaids. That said, this wasn’t as good (I know, I know). But the two drew obvious comparisons when Pitch Perfect came out in theaters earlier this year: they’re both female-driven comedies, both vehicles for up-and-comer Rebel Wilson, blah, blah, blah. Honestly? I loved it because it was like Glee with a grittier, girl power edge. I loved it because I got a review copy on Friday, one of the worst days in American history, and it took me away and actually let me laugh a little. Laughter is, as they say, the best medicine … and we all need some of that these days.

2. Brave — This is the anti-princess princess movie that taught our kids that they can choose their own fates, yes, even if they’re girls. Plus: it didn’t hurt to see a spunky redhead on the screen instead of another blond beauty. If you only get one children’s movie, this is it.

3. People Like Us — I was looking at a graphic built by my friend Kas of Southern Bella’s Ways to Save today. It was a review of the Disney slate from 2012, and it included this little gem that was sadly ignored by audiences. I say sadly because there are few films that move me to tears, but this one did. The adorable Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks play half-siblings who never knew each other, brought together after their father’s death. Yes, it’s a tearjerker, but it will also make you laugh (although not in the way of Pitch Perfect … a more introspective laughter). It will remind you that your’s is not the effed up family on the block … it could always get worse. And then, well, it could get better too.

4. The Avengers — This is my nod to the blast it made at the box office, and the fact that I know a ton of people who have it on their list. But it’s also a fact: I thought I’d hate this movie, and I walked out loving it. Director Joss Whedon has pretty much everything to do with that. He took what could have been a niche flick for the geek set and made it work for the masses … in a quirky, smart, hilarious way. Buy it. Trust me.

5. The Princess Bride 25th Anniversary — It’s inconceivable to me that it has been 25 years since my favorite movie on the planet first came out. But you know what’s more inconceivable? I saw it on the sale rack the other day. Please! Let’s boost the sales so the stores recognize what an important piece of our culture this is. Sheesh!

None floating your boat? Check out the rest of the movies that have caught my eye.

What movies have you purchased for gifts this holiday season?

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Disclaimer: I received review copies of the movies included in this post, however all opinions expressed are my own … even the obvious plea to make my favorite movie the best selling flick of all time (especially that one).

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