5 Stocking Stuffers for Little Girls That Don’t Suck

Ah, stocking stuffer time. The time when you have to decide between a bunch of candy your kids don’t need or some useless junk that, wait a minute, your kids don’t need!

I have done all that year after year. This year, I refuse. I am stocking the kid’s stocking with fewer things, but it’s all going to be stuff I won’t regret on December 26.

Here are my tips for stuffing a little girl’s stocking:

1. Tattoo Earrings — How,  how, HOW did I not invent these? I have spent too many years to count fighting with those ridiculous sticker earrings that fall off about 2 minutes after they’re stuck on. And yet, at 7 and still a bit of a slob (sorry, but it’s true), my kid is not ready for real earrings. These are sort of the best of both worlds; they stay put but they’re not permanent. And what kid doesn’t like tattoos? The folks at bINK’D sent me one of their gift sets, and even I’m hooked. They’re made from vegetable-based dyes, and they come in itty bitty containers so you don’t have all these tattoos sitting out.

non toxic nail polish

2. Piggy Paint. I’m not going to lie; over the years I’ve been sent a few bottles of the kid-safe non-toxic nail polish for review, and I have used it on myself a few times. It’s too cute not to. They’re even taking a page out of the goofy nail polish namers that work on the big girl brands with names like “How Merlot Can You Go.” There are already a few bottles of this stuff stowed in her stocking because you can never run out (seriously, this stuff comes off pretty quickly, so you need to do frequent touch-ups).

kids earbuds

3. Earbuds. Don’t ask how, but we have already gone through two pairs of kids headphones this year. The first set lasted a few months. The second set didn’t even make it a whole week before the wire was somehow split in half. I’ve decided it’s time to try earbuds instead. Maybe without that band across the head, if she yanks on the cord (the way kids do), the buds will simply pop out of her ears and keep the whole thing intact. Hey, a girl can dream, right? I loved these LaLaLoopsy Earbuds that were sent to me in a package from Jazwares recently because it’s hard to find buds that actually fit little ears. But now she can play her Nintendo DS without me having to listen to Mario all the time!

Harakuku Mini

4. Mini Journal. My kid can’t be the only one obsessed with writing little notes to her parents. She leaves them on our pillows. She posts them on the fridge. Everywhere we go, there one is. I hit the dollar section at Target and grabbed a few with some of the girls from the Harajuku Mini Line (one of my little fashionista’s obsessions), and we are all set.

5. Hello Kitty Toothbrush. Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Dr. Fresh (makers of the Firefly Toothbrush) sent me a bunch of toothbrushes awhile back, and now my kid always wants to use a Hello Kitty toothbrush (with the blinking timer of course). If it gets her to brush, I am not one to argue. If you want to call it bribery, go ahead. I’ll even let her say it with her minty fresh breath.

What are you stuffing in the little girl’s stocking this year? Are you still struggling?

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